22 Amazing U.S. Weekend Getaways For Couples in 2022

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If you’ve made it to this page, you’re obviously looking for an amazing U.S. Weekend getaway for you and your babe. You’ve come to the right place! Here are the best getaways for couples in 2021!

The list includes the best:

  • Adventurous Getaways
  • Romantic Getaways
  • Surprising Getaways
  • Big-Town Getaways
  • Small-Town Getaways
Why Oceanside, California Needs To Be Your Next Travel Destination. Things you can do in Oceanside include the beach, pier, harbor, art museum, surf museum, and many more! U.S. Weekend Getaways

21. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells is known as the “Waterpark Capital of the World” because it has the largest concentration of indoor and outdoor waterparks. But don’t be fooled, waterparks aren’t the only thing drawing visitors here year after year. Here are 5 reasons why you need to take an adult vacation to the Wisconsin Dells!

20. Stanley, ID

Stanley, Idaho is the mecca for natural hot springs as there are over 12 in the immediate area. Along with the perfect soaking spots, this town is home to several adorable bed and breakfasts and boast beautiful mountains views.

It’s perfect in all seasons as you’ll find serene nature, peaceful settings, and the remoteness from day to day life that you need for a romantic weekend getaway!

Check out our full guide to Stanley, ID and plan your trip today!

Boat Box Hot Springs, Stanley, Idaho U.S. Weekend Getaways

19. Ithaca, NY

When most people think of New York, they think of a weekend getaway in NYC. However, upstate New York can be a much better option for the couples that are looking for a more laid-back vacation.

The town of Ithaca, NY is home to many waterfalls, farmers markets, dense forests, yummy food, and Cornell University. You can book a hotel room near downtown, or opt for a more unique option like glamping!

Read out complete guide to Ithaca, NY!

Taughannock Falls State Park, Best Things To Do In Ithaca New York U.S. Weekend Getaways

18. Hermann, MO

Found in the heart of Missouri, you’ll find Hermann. This german town is for the couples that wants to get away from it all and enjoy an incredible wine country region.

There are plenty of bed & breakfast, hotels, and even a treehouse that you can rent out for a romantic getaway. Couples get to enjoy the good food, good drinks, and the friendliness of the locals when they visit.

Get all the details about Hermann, MO

17. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans definitely makes this list of best U.S. Weekend Getaways! This exciting town boasts a fun nightlife, live bands, and southern food that it to die for.

Additionally, the town is very historic and it can be quite enjoyable participating in a walking tour through the French Quarter. If you really want to dive into the New Orleans history, take a night ghost tour of a famous cemetery and learn about why this town is known for their voodoo.

Learn more about a weekend getaway to New Orleans!

16. Southern Utah (Utah National Parks)

If you’ve been following along with Part Time Tourists, you know our love for Southern Utah! Weekend getaways in this region are for those adventurous couples that are looking to break a sweat and take in jaw-dropping views.

Utah National Park Road Trip Guide [+Hidden Gems Along The Way]

You can embrace your inner child by exploring slot canyons, viewing mind-blowing rock formations, soaking in natural hot springs, and seeing what Mars looks like!

5 Adventurous Things To Do In Kanab [Ultimate Guide]

Another obvious reason to visit Southern Utah is for all the national parks! There are 5 in the state of Utah, nicknamed “The Mighty Five”, and are all worth a visit. Our favorites include Zion National Park, Capitol Reef, and Arches National Park. And of course I can’t leave out Bryce Canyon! Check out this one day in Bryce Canyon guide to learn more.

7 Amazing Utah Hot Springs [Complete Guide + Map + Photos]

U.S. Weekend Getaways

15. Pittsburgh, PA

Of course, Pittsburgh makes our best U.S. Weekend Getaways list. Visiting Steel City with your significant other can be just what you are looking for! In addition to the city itself being beautiful with their iconic yellow bridges, this town offers an incredible art scene, drool-worthy food, and luxurious hotels.

They are also home to world-class museums, local diners that are still cash-only (and totally worth it), and a fun night-life that everyone can enjoy,

Get the guide to Pittsburgh, PA here!

14. St. Louis

St. Louis is widely recognized as the city with the arch, bit it is so much more than that! If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that has friendly people, mouthwatering Italian food, and a City Museum that is basically a playground for adults and children alike.

You can also face your fear of heights (or embrace your love of heights) by traveling to the top of the St. Louis Arch! If you can get over being scrunched into a small pod with 5 other people, then this is a must-do!

Snag the guide to St. Louis for an awesome weekend getaway!

13. Chicago, IL

Chicago is a classic U.S. Weekend Getaway that almost every type of couple can enjoy! One of my favorite aspects about Chicago is that you can make this trip as budget or luxurious as you want! Budget things to do include simply walking the streets of this busy city, people watching, and enjoying cheap eats (Chicago has plenty of them).

However, if you want to drop some cash on this weekend getaway, there are countless museums, playhouses, comedy clubs, restaurants, and touristy things to do in Chicago. One of our favorite things to do is take the City Architecture Cruise along the river and learn about the history of the area.

Sneak a peek at the perfect Chicago, IL itinerary.

12. Oceanside, CA

Most people think about cities such as San Francisco and San Diego when planning a trip to California, but we quite enjoyed Oceanside! This beach town is home to a ton of outdoor activities which makes it perfect for the adventurous couple!

Activities include boating, renting a moped and cruising the street, playing volleyball at the beach, and kayaking in the marina. And of course, this chill city is a great place to get fresh seafood!

Steal the complete guide to Oceanside, CA!

11. Oahu, Hawaii

I can’t say enough good things about Oahu! You can make this into a weekend getaway, but honestly, you’re going to want to spend more than three days on this island.

I’ve thought long about how I would classify this vacation and I can’t nail it down to just one. This getaway is for the adventurous, romantic, and laid-back couples. Top things to do include snorkeling with sea-turtles, laying out on the beach, and renting a jeep to drive around the island!

Get the guide to Oahu, Hawaii!

10. Omaha, NE

Are you surprised that a town in Nebraska made the list? Well you won’t be after taking a weekend getaway to the U.S. city! Omaha is home to an incredible botanical garden, one of the top-ranked zoos, beautiful walking trails, and even random things like taking a gondola ride in the heart of the city.

Check out this list of 10 Surprising Things To Do In Omaha, Nebraska!

9. Jackson Hole, WY

No matter which season you visit in, Jackson Hole will blow your mind! This charming city with friendly locals sits next to Grand Teton National Park with its’ beautiful mountain range.

If you visit in the warmer months you’ll enjoy perfect temperatures, breathtaking vistas in the nearby National Park, delicious food in Jackson, and wild-life sightings. You’ll also get to hike beautiful trails to alpine lakes and can even do some camping.

6 Amazing Things To Do In Grand Teton National Park

If you visit during the winter time, you’ll find that there is so much more than just skiing! Top winter activities in Jackson Hole include ice skating in the city center, soaking in a natural hot springs near Jackson Hole, jumping on a tram ride to the top of a mountain to eat waffles for breakfast, and taking a sleigh ride through an elk farm.

Top 10 Things To Do In Jackson Hole During The Winter [The Non-Skiers Guide]

8. New York City, NY

U.S. Weekend Getaways

7. Scottsdale, AZ

This is my go-to U.S. Weekend Getaway destination when the weather is just to cold to handle up north! Scottsdale is a short drive from the Phoenix, AZ airport allowing you to have maximum time to sit poolside for the entire weekend.

When I visit, I love finding a hotel/resort that offers a huge pool, outdoor hot tub, and a king-size comfy bed so I really can have a relaxing getaway! This hotel is my top pick!

Part Time Tourists- Sheraton Desert Oasis- Weekend Getaway to Scottsdale, Arizona U.S. Weekend Getaways

6. Charleston, SC

This made my list of top three U.S. Weekend Getaways that I’ve ever taken. This southern town blew me away with the variety of things there were to do.

For example, one day we explored the historic downtown on a carriage ride in the morning, sat on the beach all afternoon, and ended the night on a romantic sailboat cruise.

In addition to all the things to do in Charleston, you’ll also find plenty of restaurants, bars and dessert shops. If you do it right, you’ll end your weekend getaway 5 lbs heavier than when you arrived!

9 Worth-It Charleston Tours To Spice Up Your Vacation [With Photos]

5. Washington D.C.

If you pride yourself on being a history buff couple, Washington D.C. is the place for you. Along with the world-class museums that are housed in D.C., I also recommend checking out the National Harbor, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pools, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Pro-Tip- Don’t forget to schedule a tour to see the White House way in advance!

Best places to take photos in Washington D.C.

Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC U.S. Weekend Getaways

4. Philadelphia, PA

We covered Pittsburgh, PA earlier in this article, but I also need to include Philadelphia is this list as well! If you’re a history buff, money lover (Benjamin Franklin is an important figure for this town), or someone who just loves to visit old buildings and eat good food (Philly cheese steaks are to die for) then you’ll want to consider visiting.

11 Unique Things To Do In Philadelphia, PA

Elfreths alley U.S. Weekend Getaways

3. Las Vegas

There’s a whole lot more to Las Vegas than just gambling. This desert town will surprise you with the variety of things there are to do. Some of our favorite things to do on a weekend getaway are sitting one a “beach” at Mandalay Bay, taking a night-time helicopter ride, joining a foodie tour, and taking a day trip from the city and visiting Valley of Fire State Park.

The Best Adventurous Day Trip From Las Vegas

Best day trip from las vegas U.S. Weekend Getaways

2. Salt Lake City, UT

We lived in Salt Lake City for two years while Steve was in grad school so this city will always hold a special place in our hearts. When people want a city getaway, but still want to be somewhat close to nature/mountains, this is the city that I recommend!

You can be downtown Salt Lake City for breakfast and within 30 minutes be deep into the mountains at the trailhead for an adventurous hike. If you visit during the winter months, you’ll also get to enjoy amazing skiing and snowboarding at the nearby resorts.

Learn about some great things to do while visiting Salt Lake City, UT!

Salt Lake City, Utah Staycation U.S. Weekend Getaways

1. Kansas City, MO

Last but not least on our list of top U.S. Weekend Getaways is Kansas City, MO. This Midwest town is full of surprises including being known for the amount of fountains that it possesses.

A few amazing things to do here include catching a local sporting event, eating as much BBQ that you can (after all, they are famous for it), get artsy at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and appreciate history at the WWI Museum and Memorial.

Get the Complete Guide To Kansas City here!

Country Club Plaza in Kansas City U.S. Weekend Getaways

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