Astoria Hot Springs [Free Natural Hot Spring Near Jackson Hole] -

Astoria Hot Springs [Free Natural Hot Spring Near Jackson Hole]

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Astoria Hot Springs is the best natural, free hot spring located near Jackson Hole! Here is everything you need to know about these hot pools-

Why Visit Astoria Hot Springs

Many people visit these hot springs because of its’ proximity to Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. Some even make the drive from Yellowstone National Park.

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When To Visit These Hot Springs

I believe the best time to visit is during the winter months. Why? You’ll have the colder outside temps to help you from getting overheated while in the hot springs.

Also, you’ll actually be able to find them! During the summer and spring months during the runoff, these hot springs will be covered by the river. Fall is a pretty safe bet as well.

Astoria Hot Springs’ Past & Future

Past– During the 70’s & 80’s, Astoria Mineral Springs was a family favorite! It was a RV and tent campground that conveniently had hot springs right along the bank of the river. However, it closed in 1999.

Future– Astoria Hot Springs is going to become a Hot Springs Park! At least, that’s what the news is saying. Astoria Park Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land worked together to raise funds that the Snake River Sporting Club said that they were going to match to help start this project. This hot spring park is still in the planning stage and hasn’t broken ground quite yet.

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Difference between Astoria Resort and Astoria Natural Hot Springs

The Astoria Hot Springs Park is still in the planning phases and not opened yet. The Astoria Hot Springs are natural, free hot springs open to everyone and anyone. They are found alongside the snake river in Hoback, Wyoming.

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How To Find Astoria Hot Springs

Just south of Jackson Hole, in Hoback Wyoming, lies these incredible hot springs. These natural hot springs near Jackson hole are situated right alongside the Snake River, making for some incredible views! After a long day, nothing is better than unwinding in these blue, warm waters.

There are a couple of different pools to choose from with varying water temperatures so you can get the one that is perfect for you! If you want the exact coordinates, you can download my freebie guide below!


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Additional Hot Springs Near Jackson Hole

Other nearby hot springs that we’ve been told to check out include Granite Hot Springs, Boiling River and Kelly Warm Springs right off of Gros Ventre Road.

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