Top 10 Things To Do In Jackson Hole In Winter [The Non-Skiers Guide]

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Here are the top 10 things to do in Jackson Hole in winter for all those who don’t ski or snowboard!

Photo Courtesy: The Clear Creek Group

This past weekend we took a mini road trip to Jackson Hole to experience our first winter getaway of 2019! Although Steve does ski a little and I have had a few opportunities to snowboard (we lived near Grand Targhee Resort in high school), I wouldn’t consider ourselves “skiers”.

With that said, we wanted to explore what other activities Jackson Hole had besides their famous resorts. And if you started this article thinking that skiing was their only outdoor activity…read on! You’ll be quite surprised.

Things To Do In Jackson Hole In Winter

Grand Teton National Park, winter time

1. Visit Grand Teton National Park

During the summer, this National Park is swarmed with visitors (just like Yellowstone National Park) making it hard to get that “alone in the mountains” solitude that you may be craving.

However, during the winter the numbers are drastically fewer. Although there are a few roads that are closed during this season, the trade-off of less traffic may just be worth it.

If you would prefer to stay warm, simply take a drive along the major roads and marvel at the sheer beauty that the Tetons have to offer. There are quite a few lookout spots along the route but our favorite was hands down the Snake River Overlook.

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I got that same awe-struck feeling here as I did sitting at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona! Bring a mug of your favorite warm beverage and enjoy the view! We’ve been to many National Parks, but Grand Teton is one that we visit each year because we love it that much.

2. Snowshoe to Cunningham Cabin

Although I’ve always had snowy winters growing up, I had yet to try snowshoeing. That all changed this past weekend. We got two snowshoe rentals from our friends over at Teton Backcountry Rentals and had such a memorable first time!

We decided to opt for a very beginner trail and head over to Cunningham Cabin.

During the summer, you can easily drive to this historic cabin and park right alongside it. However, with all the snow they close that road during the winter. It is only about a mile each way with little to no elevation gain.

If you are looking for a slightly more intense trail, check out the trail to Taggart Lake! I’d recommend getting all your cross country, back country gear from Teton Backcountry Rentals as they have such a wide selection.

3. Warm up in local hot springs

Astoria Hot Springs Bridge, Hoback Wyoming

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Just south of Jackson Hole, in Hoback Wyoming, lies Astoria Hot Springs. These natural hot springs near Jackson hole are situated right alongside the snake river, making for some incredible views! After a long day, nothing is better than unwinding in these blue, hot pools.

There are a couple of different pools to choose from with varying water temperatures so you can get the one that is perfect for you! If you want the exact coordinates, you can download my freebie guide below!


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4. Take a self-drive, day tour to find wildlife

We woke up to see a sunrise in Grand Teton National Park and were surprised with how much wildlife there was just along side of the road. We ended up seeing tons of elk, a few moose, and a handful of buffalo!

If you live in a city, this is a real treat to see such beautiful animals right alongside the road. Please be careful while you are driving and don’t try and get close. Although they may look tame, they still are wild and deserve their space.

5. Walk around Town Square

I’m sure you have seen the iconic antler arches in photos before and they are just as cool in person! There are several arches that mark the center of the town. The square is surrounded by incredible eateries, antique shops, and unique stores like the old-time photo studios where you can put on old western garb and pose for the camera.

Steve and I did this while visiting West Yellowstone and the photos turned out great! Jackson Hole in the winter is still very much alive and ready for visitors.

6. Go ice skating

This ice skating rink can be found in the center of Town Square in Teton Village.

Photo Courtesy: Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

7. Take a sleigh ride

Take a sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge on one of their magical winter tours. Their sleigh rides fill up quickly so be sure to book early.

Photo courtesy: Jackson Hole Traveler

8. Go for a Tram Ride

Buy a sightseeing pass to the “Big Red” Tram up to the very top of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Go for the views but stay for the waffles!

Photo Courtesy: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

9. Dog Sledding Tours

There are several dog sledding tours but I would recommend choosing one that leads you to Granite Hot Springs.

10. Rent Snowmobiles in Jackson Hole

Plenty of trails in Jackson Hole to explore!

Photo courtesy:

Where to Stay in Jackson Hole In Winter

Location, location, location. I can’t say enough about what an ideal spot the Anvil hotel has. Right next to town square, you’ll be close to all the action. At meal times, we simply left our room and walked to amazing restaurants and bakeries that were all minutes away.

What I also loved about our stay, was the fact that it was made a memorable experience rather than just a bed to sleep in. From the minute we checked, we felt welcomed and entertained. We enjoyed the board games in the lobby, complimentary hot chocolate each night, and sitting next to the fireplace.

The Anvil Hotel is also the home of the Glorietta Trattoria. We stopped by during dinner and feasted on their handmade pastas. We recommend either the fettuccine or ricotta cavatelli!

Anvil Hotel, Jackson Hole

As you can see there are so many outdoor activities to be enjoyed by skiers and non-skiers alike! So pack your bags and head to Jackson Hole!

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Our stay was hosted by the Anvil Hotel and rentals were provided by Teton Backcountry Rentals but all opinions remain our own.

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