How To Still Have a Fun Trip To Chicago With Bad Weather

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Traveling to Chicago but a look at the weather forecast has you questioning if you’ll still have a good time? No fear! Even when the weather is bad in Chicago, there are still plenty of things you can do to have a successful trip!

We spent the past weekend in Chicago and the forecast was rain, rain, and more rain. At first, I was a little bummed. But you know what? We still had an excellent weekend getaway and here’s how ->

Pick the perfect hotel

I can’t stress how important it is to choose the right hotel for your trip to Chicago, especially if the weather is poor.

You see, you don’t want a hotel that makes it inconvenient for you to see the city when the weather isn’t that great. So my top tip for picking the perfect hotel would be to make sure that it is centrally located.

That is why the Embassy Suites is my pick for a weekend getaway to Chicago as it is right on Magnificent Mile. A lot of sites, restaurants, and even Lake Michigan was in walking distance. However, if it’s too cold to walk, everything is a quick Uber/Lyft ride away.

A few other reasons why I believe that the Embassy Suites is the best hotel choice in Chicago is their free made-to-order breakfast each morning, the insanely beautiful views from every 2 room suite, and their lobby that features a eco-friendly Sky Garden atrium thats planted with fresh herbs like mint and sage.

Also, I can’t forget to mention that they have an indoor pool, a sauna, and a fitness center. You’ll also be able to enjoy a complimentary reception each evening in the lobby with free drinks!

Touristy Things To Do Indoors in Chicago

Chicago is home to many word-class museums. Some of my top picks include the Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, and the Adler Planetarium. The museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is incredible, especially during Christmas time in Chicago when it celebrates Christmas Around The World and Holidays of Lights.

The best (and most affordable) way to see them all is to purchase a CityPass. It grants you admission to these top museums, along with Chicago 360 and the Chicago Skydeck!

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As I mentioned, you also gain access to Chicago 360 and the Chicago Skydeck. While we were visiting Chicago, it was very rainy and cloudy and before we went up to the top floors of both of these buildings, the employees asked us if we were sure we wanted to because it was 0% visibility.

We told them yes and we were rushed to the top by the fast elevators, anyway. We are so glad we still decided to go even though the weather wasn’t that great! (The weather scared off a lot of people so that was a plus too!) It was amazing being up in the clouds and over time, the skies cleared up and we were able to see down below!

How To Sightsee in Chicago With Bad Weather

Even when the weather is bad, Chicago’s First Lady still has daily departures that you can jump on! The Chicago Architecture Foundation Center River Cruise is consistently ranked #1 so choosing their service was a no-brainer.

They provide a 90-minute tour with a live guide that gives you a complete history of some of the most prominent buildings, along with interesting facts. This cruise was Steve’s favorite part of the trip! And even though it was pouring during our cruise, we still enjoyed it from the lower level that’s covered.

The next way that you can still sightsee in Chicago is by booking a Hop-on Hop-off bus. Whenever we travel to a big city, this is our preferred method of travel. Why? Because you get to see so much of the city in so little time.

It’s also a big plus of not having to pay for an insane amount of Uber/Lyft rides while jumping from attraction to attraction.You’ll just have to sit on the lower-level of the bus that is covered and heated during your trips from stop to stop.

My last tip of sightseeing in Chicago with poor weather is simply prepare for the elements! If you know it’s going to be chilly and rainy, bring a rain coat along with an umbrella. (Make sure the umbrella is sturdy or that Chicago wind will easily break it). Snowy and cold? Bundle up! Sometimes you just have to embrace the weather and try to make the most of it.

I hope you have an excellent trip to Chicago and enjoy all that the city has to offer, even with poor weather!

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