Best View of Golden Gate Bridge [Map + Where to Park Instructions] -

Best View of Golden Gate Bridge [Map + Where to Park Instructions]

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Ah, the Golden Gate Bridge. Iconic and on everyone’s to-see list when visiting San Francisco. Heck, I’d be lying if I said that that this bridge wasn’t a big reason why we decided on taking an extended stop during a layover back from our adventurous Hawaii trip. And everyone wants the same things- to find the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

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After doing about five minutes of research it was clear that there was not just one spot to get a great view of the bridge, but instead, dozens of different places to go to get that special photo of the adored bridge.

So I dug in deeper. And after 30 minutes of continued research, I finally found the BEST spot. What makes it the best? Free parking lot, virtually no crowds, and THREE different viewing points all in walking distance. BOOM. Here’s everything you need to know about the best parking for the golden gate bridge.

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Where to Park:

Langdon Court Parking Lot

While most people will park at the golden gate welcome center, there’s an even better spot! Langdon Court Parking Lot. The exact address is Langdon Court, San Francisco, CA 94129, just off of Lincoln Blvd. This a free parking lot with no time limit that was almost completely empty when we arrived during the afternoon. Which was much different than the pricey, surrounding parking areas that we passed along the way.

Below are two maps that show exactly where you can find this hidden gem. And if you’ve been to San Fran, you know that free parking really is a rare gem. Especially free parking in a lot, instead of road parking. What I love about this parking lot is that you can easily walk to Fort Point, Chrissy Field, or Battery East (3 additional scenic overlooks). There is another parking lot near the langdon court parking lot on merchant road but that lot might charge a fee.


Map of Parking Lot to get Best View of Golden Gate Bridge:

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View #1- Golden Gate Overlook

I saw a photo similar to this one on instagram about a year ago and loved how the bridge was perfectly framed by these two trees. You’ll find this view by walking to the Golden Gate Overlook that you can see on the map.

best view of the golden gate bridge

View #2- Battery Godfrey Vista Point Trail

Along this trail you’ll find ruins of an 1895 battery, once home to three large guns, which was a pretty neat aspect of this path. However, not only do you get up close and personal with a precious part of history, you’ll also enjoy a beautiful overlook. This is a very low effort trail that yields a killer return.

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best view of the golden gate bridge

#View 3- Marshall’s Beach

Take the trail to Marshall’s Beach! Right from the parking lot you’ll see signs pointing you towards Marshall’s Beach so it will be quite easy locating the path. The round-trip trail from the parking lot is less than 1 mile long but you will encounter a lot of stairs so this path is not for everyone. However, if you’re able to, I highly recommend hiking to find this scenic spot.

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Marshall's beach San Francisco

Once you get to the beach you’ll be greeted with a stellar, unique view of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can choose to stay perched on top of the rocky outcrop or walk along the shoreline to get even closer. No matter what you choose, you’ll be rewarded with an excellent view. Also, if you’re wondering, the water was quite cold when we visited so we didn’t even try and get in.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy the free parking at the langdon court parking lot, the lack of crowds, and the three amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge!

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