Staycation Ideas For Couples- Tips For Planning the Perfect Staycation

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There are many different ways to define a staycation, but most can agree that it is vacationing in your hometown or somewhere nearby. There are no driving long distances, hopping on flights or packing multiple suitcases while still reaping the benefits of a vacation!

The best part is you can save money by staying close to home. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Here are some staycation ideas for couples with tips for planning the perfect staycation, no matter what city you live in!

Last weekend we got the chance to enjoy our own staycation where we currently live, Salt Lake City and want to share some tips on how we made it the perfect staycation rather than just a date night in our own city.

Salt Lake City, Utah Staycation

Staycation Ideas For Couples [Top Tips]-

Find the perfect hotel.

While it could be said that you don’t have to rent a room, (some people just use their living room as their staycation) I would highly recommend that you do! A big part of the reason of taking a staycation is to switch up your normal weekend routine… which totally helps if you have a change of scenery. You also can forget about the pile of clothes or dishes that keeps piling up. Out of sight, out of mind 😉

We choose to stay at My Place Hotel located in Salt Lake City. Staying there helped set the mood that we were on a mini-vacation instead of our typical movie night weekend at home. (We’ve stayed with My Place Hotels when taking our adventurous day trip from Las Vegas along with visiting this unforgettable Southern Utah City).

Salt Lake City, Utah Staycation

Make a plan!

It’s too easy to think, “Oh, while we’re out let’s run to the grocery store for a quick stop,” or “My front yard could really use a little TLC.” NO! Although those things may be possible, you are on vacation!

Stick to your plan so you don’t fall back into your regular routine. Create a rule that there will be no work. Even if your office is right down the road from where you are staying, don’t give in to that temptation.

No checking work emails, spend minimum time on social media, and no binge-watching shows all vacation long. Now is a chance for you to spend time together, experience your own city in a new light, and try new things.

In preparation for our staycation, we finished all the work that needed to be done for the following several days so we didn’t have an excuse.

Salt Lake City, Utah Staycation

View your city as a visiting tourist would see it.

A great staycation ideas for couples would be to play tourists in your own city! What are the top sights and attractions to see? Is there a famous restaurant? Check out the local tourism board website for their tips.

We read through some recommendations that Visit Salt Lake had and found out about a free walking tour.

The weather was surprisingly nice (very weird for February) so we spent the day visiting noteworthy sights like Temple Square, the State Capitol Building, and City Creek. There is also a short hike that we love called Ensign Peak where we stopped by to enjoy the views.

Salt Lake City, Utah Staycation

Don’t be a typical tourist in your own town.

I know, I know. The last bullet point stated the exact opposite, but hear me out. While you could visit the highlights of your own city, you’ve probably already been to all of the main streets, popular restaurants, and top attractions.

Now is your chance to get off the beaten path and seek out some unique things to do. We tracked down a cookie shop called Crumbl and tried a new treat that we’ve been hearing a lot about. The perfect pick-me-up after an adventurous day!

Try something that you typically don’t do.

With Salt Lake City being home to the Jazz basketball team. We choose to treat ourselves to an evening filled with a not-so-typical activity for us. When you’re hanging out in your local city, check the Gametime website.

You can usually find cheap, last-minute tickets to your favorite, local teams. We once got tickets for a mere $8 a seat. Honestly, they weren’t the greatest seats in the house, but being in the high-energy atmosphere made it worth it.

Salt Lake City, Staycation

I hope this staycation you are planning fulfills your goals to spend time with one another, enjoy couple time without your family, try new food, be romantic, and simply just be together.

I hope these tips help you plan your perfect staycation!

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Our stay was hosted by My Place Hotels but all opinions remain our own.

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