6 Amazing Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park -

6 Amazing Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park

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Because the park is so giant, it might be hard to decide where to explore if you have limited time. Here are 6 Amazing Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park!

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During this past winter, Steve and I took a romantic getaway to Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park and absolutely fell in love with the area!

We knew that as soon as the snow melted away, we would have to return to experience Grand Teton National Park during the summer weather…our trip did not disappoint!

My Top Three Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park-

Snake River Overlook-

Number one of our 6 Amazing Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park is to visit the Snake River Overlook. Right alongside the road, this is a must-see! There is a small parking lot and a short path to get to this overlook. Sunrise and sunset are obviously the best time to photograph the area but anytime during the day would be a spectacular time to visit.

Photo courtesy: Theoutbound.com

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Jenny Lake-

This has got to be one of the prettiest alpine lakes there are and it ranks even higher in my opinion because of its accessibility. Some of the activities you could enjoy here would be swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or even taking a ferry ride across the lake! There is a trail that goes around the lake which I highly recommend. Need a little motivation to get hiking? You’ll find a large waterfall and high lookout point along the trail. SO. COOL.

Photo courtesy: Theoutbound.com

Teton Park Road-

There are a lot of pretty roads in the world, but few let’s-pull-over-every-minute-drives on the planet. The Teton Park Road is one of the latter roads. Even if you don’t have much time to experience the pull-offs, lakes, or hiking trails, just take the drive! You won’t regret it.

Additional 3 Amazing Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park-

Schwabacher Landing-

This is a photographer’s paradise! If you get there during the summer during sunrise or sunset you’ll be sure to find plenty of other photographers with their tripods lined up ready to get this famous shot. Even if you don’t plan on photographing the area, this would be a great place to visit in order to get an excellent view of the Tetons.

Photo courtesy: Theoutbound.com


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Oxbow Bend-

Just like Schwabacher Landing, this is also a hot-spot for photographers! There is a small parking lot where you can park and then walk towards the viewing point. Take some time and explore the area a little in order to get different angles and viewpoints that are normally not captured.

Photo courtesy: Theoutbound.com

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Mormon Row-

This historic area dates back to the 1890’s when members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints settled the area. Now, it’s a historical site with a rich history. Along this road include one of the most photographed barns ever. Can you blame people? The rustic barn against the Tetons is just stunning.

6 Amazing Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park

There are so many incredible things to see Grand Teton National Park but be sure not to miss these 6 Amazing Things To Do At Grand Teton National Park! You’ll also want to make sure to take some time to explore Jackson Hole (and find our favorite hidden hot springs). You can find that information here!

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