Unlike full-time travelers, we like to consider ourselves "normal" people. We have jobs, studies, the bi-weekly Costco grocery runs, and our occasional netflix binge watching sessions. However, early in marriage we decided to invest in traveling and want to share with you how we travel so much, where we explore, and most importantly, why we do what we do. We welcome you to the Part Time Tourists Tribe. 

we are adventurers, story tellers, and travelers.

about us

Part Time Tourists is a community of like-minded 9-5ers (people with jobs) who want to prioritize travel in their lives whether they are single, married, or have a family. On our blog and social media, we post and write about helpful tips, tricks, and travel hacks to help individuals maximize their weekends, time off, and holidays. For example, we have a whole post dedicated to helping you live the Weekend Warrior Lifestyle!

In addition to our doable travel tips, we share free guides and itineraries to beautiful, adventurous, and unique destinations. We want you to feel like you can realistically make travel a large part of your life by providing you with everything we possibly can to ensure a perfect weekend getaway, foreign vacation, or adventurous trip.

What is Part Time Tourists?

Jess is always looking for the next best flight deal across the world and the hidden gems in their own backyard. She likes to plan out vacations but enjoys it when Steve spontaneously changes the next activity they are embarking on! Jess is the main writer, photographer, and content creator of Part Time Tourists.

Steve's passion comes from connecting with the people, culture, and food traditions of the locations we visit. He's quick to make friends with the locals and great with asking for food recommendations!

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