Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho [Complete Guide]

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Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho

Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho

We love Idaho so much that we are always on the hunt for things to do in Idaho which is when we stumbled onto the city of Twin Falls. It is located in Magic Valley and with a name like that you know it’s got to be good.

The fun never stopped while we were visiting and we are extremely glad that we left for a weekend getaway and got to experience this gem in the Gem State. Here are the Top Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho.

Just an hour to a few hours away from major cities like Salt Lake City, Boise, Idaho Falls, etc. lies the city of Twin Falls. It attracts adventure seekers, waterfall chasers, foodies, and hot spring lovers alike.

Great in all seasons, Twin Falls is the place to vacation. There’s stunning scenery, epic views, and delicious food. Here’s some ideas of Twin Falls lodging (both Twin Falls hotels along with a unique airbnb). Along with great food and top restaurants in Twin Falls, and activities and attractions in Twin Falls Idaho!

Hotels and Lodging in Twin Falls Idaho:

There are many lodging options in Twin Falls and we were able to experience two beautiful and unique locations during our time there. First up, we visited the Blue Lakes Inn. This completely modernized boutique hotel sits near downtown Twin Falls close to all the action.

Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho

In addition to the incredible location, the Blue Lakes Inn provides complimentary breakfast (where they use local products!). They also have an outdoor hot tub and a relaxing outdoor patio seating area (with a grill). Their amazing customer service will make you feel like you’re family. One of our favorite parts about the hotel was all the coupons that they give to their guests for local restaurants and venues. We loved our time spent at the Blue Lakes Inn and will be back to visit again.

Our second evening spent in Twin Falls was at Kelley’s Canyon Orchard. Just a few miles outside of the heart of Twin Falls lies this beautiful orchard in the Snake River Canyon. This family owned orchard is operated by the “Kelley Girls”. They have fixed up their Grandmother Mary Anne’s home as an awesome AirBnB destination!

We loved how it was surrounded by ripe peach and plum trees. The best part? Waking up to the sound of a nearby waterfall.

Book a stay here and you won’t be disappointed! And if you haven’t used Airbnb before, here is a $55 dollars off your booking, enjoy your stay!

Kellys Canyon Orchard

Best Restaurants and Food in Twin Falls Idaho:

TF Brickhouse

When we pulled into town Friday night we were starving! Jess gets hangry (yes, it’s a real thing) and the TF Brickhouse totally saved us! With their delicious food and great vibes this restaurant is the complete package. Steve ordered the best-selling Teriyaki Wasabi Beef for an appetizer and the Surf & Turf for the main meal. It was cooked to perfection!

Jess is still dreaming about the Parmesan Cream Alfredo! Our waitress, Mckayla, was an absolute delight and made us feel right at home. Not only do they have spectacular food, but they have a bustling night life too in this historic building! If you’re looking for great food and a fun filled night then you’ve found the right place.

Brickhouse Resturant

Anchor Bistro & Bar

We didn’t get many pictures at the Anchor Bistro & Bar because we were so busy enjoying the lively atmosphere, the bomb food, and watching the football game on the big screen TV’s. A night doesn’t get much better than this with the chicken avocado quesadillas and the pork carnitas tacos. 

The bulk of their meals are made in house by using local products. The night we were there a Boise State Game was on TV. It was great to see the community gathered there for a fun night filled with great food and all dressed in their Boise State attire.

There is a strong sense of local pride for their community and the local teams. We could tell that Twin Falls loved this place because they have now started a food truck to spread the love, their amazing food can’t be contained to a single location!

Twin Falls Sandwich Company

We decided to stop by the Twin Falls Sandwich Company for lunch and it totally lived up to all the hype! Don’t let the name deceive you though, they have way more than just sandwiches. They also have burgers & brats, an awesome breakfast menu, paninis, salads, and a plethora of appetizers to choose from!

Steve’s Aloha burger was heavenly accompanied with his french fries which were to die for. Twin Falls Sandwich Company is in the heart of downtown Twin Falls. The day we visited there just happened to be a farmers market going on. Take your meal to the outside seating patio and enjoy the great food, live music from the market, and awesome atmosphere. This sandwich shop is on our list for the next time we come back!

Activities and Attractions in Twin Falls Idaho:

When we first starting researching what there was to do in Twin Falls, we were blown away with how much there was! There are so many different tourist attractions, activities, and fun things to do in Twin Falls that it’s hard to know where to start. Here are our top fun things to do in Twin Falls Idaho that you could do on your next trip or even what you could do this weekend in Twin Falls if you live nearby.

Visit a hot spring!

Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs have got you covered for both adventure and relaxation. At the Banbury location you can rent out kayaks, paddle boards, etc. to enjoy the day out on the Snake River. We rented two single kayaks (that way if one of us tipped we both wouldn’t have to go overboard haha) and kayaked up to Blue Heart Springs.

Go kayaking!

Get the 4-hour rentals because it will take about that long to get there and then relax at the springs. Later that evening we relaxed our sore muscles in the hot springs at the Miracle location. They have huge public pools that you can soak in but you can also rent out VIP pools! How cool is that! During the winter we came back to these Twin Falls hot springs to start an epic 3-Day Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip!

Additional Reading- Complete Guide To Blue Heart Springs (Don’t miss the incredible drone shot of Blue Heart Springs from above!)

Visit Shoshone Falls Park

On Sunday, we took a drive out to Shoshone Falls Park and man are we glad we added this to our list! A few months ago we stopped by Niagara Falls in Canada, but in our opinion, the Shoshone Falls were much better! Fun fact, the falls are actually taller than Niagara. And what really made this our favorite was the small crowds that shared this beautiful scene with us!

Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho

While we were living in Upstate New York for the summer we thought we hit the jackpot for waterfalls chasing but boy were we wrong. At every turn in Twin Falls there is a new waterfall to be discovered.

Our favorite was the Perrine Coulee Waterfall because you could get behind it! We felt like we had just been transported to Hawaii. This was an awesome experience that everyone should get the chance to enjoy. Out of of the many Fun Things To Do in Twin Falls Idaho, this was my favorite.

Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho
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Walk along the Canyon Rim Trail

If you want to get a jog in (or a nice evening walk) hit the Canyon Rim Trail. It winds along the snake river and has outlook points to see the Perrine Bridge… a perfect photo op! We really enjoyed watching the base jumpers take the leap of faith off of the bridge. Maybe one day we will work up the courage to do the same. Maybe.

Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho

Twin Falls stole our hearts and we look forward to returning one day. It has the perfect combination of adventure & relaxation with the many activities and attractions that it has. And when coupled with the incredible views, it makes this place the perfect weekend getaway in Idaho! Plan a trip out to Southern Idaho and experience the magic we felt while exploring Magic Valley ASAP.

Looking for another perfect Idaho getaway? This Idaho Ranch needs to make it on your bucket list along with a trip to the beautiful Island Park! (an island…in Idaho? YUP!)

Fun Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho

Our trip was hosted by Southern Idaho Tourism but all opinions are our own.

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  1. Oh wow! Sounds like you had an amazing trip! You have packed so much in and it’s looks stunning. My mouth is watering from thinking about the quesideas and fresh fruit… I love kayaking on lakes too so that sounds like a must followed by the hot springs!

  2. Those falls are beautiful and the food looked delicious, too. I’ve never been to Idaho, but this looks like a great spot to visit!

  3. Really enjoyed the photos of the falls and food and reading your post, thank you!

  4. Simone says:

    One of the reason we bought a van, is to stumble in places like this while on the road! Next time we’ll be in the U.S.A i’ll definitely make sure to see it!
    Great discovery thank you

  5. alison says:

    Twin Falls Idaho sounds awesome from your post. I have never traveled to Idaho. When I do I will use these recommendations and visit Twin Falls. the falls themselves, look stunning. Thank you for great tips on where to go.

  6. Céline says:

    What a lovely spot! I also went to Niagara Falls a few weeks ago. Based on the pictures the Shoshone Falls don’t look taller but it’s probably due to the perspective 😊

  7. Sounds like an awesome trip, love the photo of the view of Perrine Bridge, great shot! 🙂

  8. alice says:

    I really like your photos. You are capturing such a beautiful light and you were extremely lucky to see that rainbow over the waterfalls. I’m looking to travel across USA on a van and I’ll definitely stop to see the twin falls.

  9. Eric Gamble says:

    Well I now know where in Idaho I am heading to when I scratch if off my US Bucket List cause Twin Falls looks awesome! Darcee would absolutely love the Kelley’s Orchard and to stay at the Grandmother’s Airbnb house is amazing!
    As for all the outdoor stuff, you had me at hiking the rim, swimming in the hot springs, and seeing the Shoshone Falls! What a beautiful area!

  10. Katie says:

    wow looks like waterfall city!! Beautiful images! Also amazing looking food… something for everyone! Will be making sure I visit this place 🙂

  11. Great guide to an area I’ve never thought to explore before. But never mind the waterfalls…I think I’ll go there just for those quesadillas. 😉

  12. Claire says:

    What a beautiful charming place! The food looks so good and your pictures are amazing!

  13. CorinaCorina says:

    HI, thank you for sharing your trip amazing trip. The photos look beautiful and I love the accommodation choice. happy travels C

  14. Su Bha Sun says:

    Wow! Twin falls looks gorgeous. Wonderful sight just wanna jump to this place right now. I loved your AirBnb location and house. Beautiful post.

  15. Maria says:

    Amazing post guys! We’ve never been to the USA yet but posts like this make us look forward to a trip there! I loved the “hangry” term!!! It so applies to us too, haha!

  16. pinarhassan says:

    I’m feeling maaajor food envy right now! Those photos by the waterfalls are stunning.

  17. Alexander Popkov says:

    Oh yes! Twin falls and nice stay options and FOOOOOOD. I think I just love food too much, that I almost skipped the waterfalls.

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