Where To Find Caribbean Blue Water In Idaho [Blue Heart Springs, Twin Falls ID] -

Where To Find Caribbean Blue Water In Idaho [Blue Heart Springs, Twin Falls ID]

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Blue Heart Springs in Twin Falls, ID

Seeing the image above you might think there is no way this Caribbean blue water can be found in Idaho, but I’m not lying! Blue Heart Springs is found near Twin Falls, ID and can be accessed by a short kayak trip down the Snake River. Here’s everything you need to know about this epic spot!

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Where is Blue Heart Springs?

Technically in Hagerman Idaho (a short drive from Twin Falls), you’ll find this oasis that’s surrounded by black volcanic rock walls. The only safe and reliable way to get to this destination is by water, making it even more of a hidden gem!

View of Snake River in Twin Falls, ID

How To Get There

The easiest route is to start at the dock at Banbury Hot Springs. From there, you’ll paddle about a mile and a half downstream (north). What I love about this route, besides the destination of course, is that there are beautiful sites along the way!

If you paddle close to the east side of the river, you’ll see small waterfalls dotting the shoreline.

Map of Blue Heart Springs in Twin Falls, Idaho

It might be tricky knowing when you get to Blue Heart Springs because it’s hiding around a mini island covered in trees. There are two helpful hints that I want to share so you can know that you’re in the right spot. First, it will be on the east side of the river (right side if you’re paddling toward it). Second, keep an eye on the cliffs. There seems to be a downward arrow made of dark rocks pointed directly at the springs.

If you follow those two tips, you’ll come to a caved-in area with steep rocks to one side and thick foliage to the other.

It took us about 40 minutes to paddle from start to destination. However, on the way back plan a little extra time as you’ll be fighting the current. It took us about 55 minutes on the way home.

Blue Heart Springs in Twin Falls, ID- kayaking

How Hard Is The Paddling Route

I’ve done this route twice. The first time being in good physical shape and the second time being pregnant. I will say that it was a little more difficult the second time but still doable! You don’t need to be an expert paddler to complete this trip. However, if you’ve got kids with you I’d recommend renting a two-person kayak in order to ensure that your kids don’t get too tired.

If kayaking is not possible from you, there are boat tours from 1000 Springs Tours.

Where To Rent Kayaks/ SUPS From

Right on-site at Banbury Hot Springs is where you can rent either a kayak or a paddle board. I’ve really enjoyed renting from them because the prices are reasonable and they help you put the kayaks in the water and take them back out when you’re done.

If your muscles are tired after the kayaking trip, buy entrance to their incredible hot spring pool to stretch out your tight muscles. Or you can rent a private hot spring room from Miracle Hot Springs and soak the night away!

Banbury Hot Springs, Twin Falls, ID
Photo courtesy of Miraclehotsprings.com

When To Visit Blue Heart Springs

I honestly think you could go anytime and have an incredible time! However, if you’re looking to beat the crowds then I would go on a week day to avoid the weekend adventurers.

Make sure you check the weather before you decide to paddle out here to avoid any dangerous conditions.

Kayaking to Blue Heart Springs in Hagerman, Idaho

While you’re in the area, make sure you explore more incredible spots like Box Canyon & Ritter Island!

A big thank you to Visit Southern Idaho for hosting us on this adventure! All opinions remain my own.

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