The Ultimate Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip Guide-Day 1 -

The Ultimate Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip Guide-Day 1

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A beautiful scenic drive with plenty of hot springs along the way? Count me in! Idaho is my husband’s home state and I’ve made a concentrated effort to see more of it with him. So when the opportunity presented itself to take a three-day road trip through that beautiful state, we, of course, said yes!

This guide will be broken up into three days of adventure because there is no way you can see all of the hot springs along our route in a single day. It is also helpful because we will break them up into regions just in case you aren’t able to fit the entire route into your plans.

A short note about hot springs etiquette before we present this guide. Hot springs are incredible places that nature has blessed us with for EVERYONE to enjoy, not just yourself. So please, follow these easy tips to make these places enjoyable for years to come 🙂

Hot Springs Etiquette-

We’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to share the location of some of the hot springs that we have visited. It’s not because we are selfish and want to keep those spots to ourselves. Rather, we desperately do not want them to get trashed. We’ve decided that since the whereabouts of these hot springs are already floating around on the web, we might as well share them along with some hot springs etiquette with hopes that they will continue to be taken care of 🙂

-Pack in what you pack out. Most common items that we see left behind are towels, random socks, wrappers, and beer cans.

-Keep them clean. Avoid spilling your drinks/food while soaking. Also, important to note that these are not baths…leave the bar of soap at home.

-Do some good and pick up garbage if you see it. We like to bring a bag with us in case we encounter trash left behind from others.

-“R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.” Although Aretha Franklin probably wasn’t referring to hot spring visitors, the same rings true. Be respectful of those around you. I sometimes like to play light music while I’m soaking, but refrain if others are around. Everyone visits hot springs for different reasons, so don’t assume your reason is the same for everyone else.

Here is our route-

The pins on the map are places where we would recommend sleeping along the way. We will even share where we stayed to make planning your road trip that much easier!

Day 2- The Ultimate Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip Guide

idaho hot springs road trip-map

Day 1

We started our road trip in Twin Falls, Idaho. This was a great starting point for us as we were driving from Utah and Twin Falls is one of our all-time favorite cities in Idaho.  We recommend checking into the Twin Falls My Place Hotel and making a base camp there. We love staying at the My Place Hotels because of their “delivered right to your door” breakfast, incredibly comfortable beds, and warm hospitality. The location is also ideal because the Twin Falls hotel is located very close to the first hot springs along the route. You can book your stay here.

myplace twin falls
Photo Courtesy of

Hot Springs:

Miracle Hot Springs:

With 15 private hot pools, 6 VIP pools and 4 outdoor public pools, Miracle Hot Springs can be enjoyed by all. The 15 private hot pools are on a first come first serve basis. You can adjust the temperature to your own liking and each has dressing rooms. The VIP pools need to be reserved in advanced but are a great option if you have a small group as they can fit up to 6 people. What do I love about them? The water is drained and fresh mineral water added after each use!

Miracle Hot Springs, Twin Falls, Idaho
Photo courtesy of

Banbury Hot Springs:

This location had to be next on our list because of their HUGE geothermal artesian swimming pool. If you’ve got a large group, then this is the place to hit! In addition to the pool, Banbury Hot Springs is also home to healing private mineral hot tubs and jacuzzi tubs. What do I love about these? You guessed it! The private pools are drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh mineral water after every use.

Banbury Hot Springs, Twin Falls, ID
Photo courtesy of

Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs:

The third and final hot springs around this area is called Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs. We, unfortunately, have not had the chance to visit this spot but we have heard that it is incredible! Complete with a diving board and slide, this is a very family friendly destination.

And that’s a wrap from our first day! Since we were driving from Utah we wanted to keep our first day low-key and relaxing. Day 2 and 3 get a lot busier packed with a whole bunch of natural hot springs!

Day 2- The Ultimate Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip Guide

Day 3- The Ultimate Idaho Hot Springs Road Trip Guide

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