Winter Weekend Getaway In Bear Lake, Utah [Best Winter Activities]

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Most people visit Bear Lake, Utah only during the summer months. But winter is just as magical! Here is a complete guide of the top activities and where to stay during winter in Bear Lake!

Bear Lake Cabin, Utah

Steve and I usually travel with just the two of us but this past weekend it was a real treat being able to bring our friends and family on one of our weekend warrior getaways.

Not only did we get to spend the weekend surrounded by our loved ones, but passed the time in an incredibly beautiful cabin. That’s right, Steve and I decided it was finally time to embrace winter with open arms and went to one of the best places to do that…Bear Lake!

Where To Stay In Bear Lake During Winter

When traveling to Bear Lake with family and friends it’s a no-brainer to stay with Bear Lake Premier Cabins. Their website is very user-friendly to help you find the perfect fit for your vacation. We were able to stay at the Eagles Roost which is situated in Logan Canyon. Surrounded by the snowy mountains and the pine trees, you’ll feel like you just stepped into a winter wonderland.

The Eagles Roost sleeps up to 28 people…wow!! We had a total of 10 in our group, so the space was more than enough for us. In fact, we even all teased that we should choose a different room for the 2nd night and we still wouldn’t have been able to use all the beds. The point is, bring your friends and family! The more the merrier.

Bear Lake Cabin, Utah

Winter Activities in Bear Lake

Beaver Mountain

The Eagles Roost is in the ideal location for outdoor activities. Beaver Mountain is just about a mile away and can be easily accessed from the cabin. For snowboarders and skiers, this is the place for you.

Unlike other pricey Utah ski hills, they keep their prices reasonable and it is open to all skill levels. Steve is a skier while I’m a snowboarder so this would have been fun for our entire family. Unfortunately, it wasn’t opened while we were there during our stay but it is one of the places on our bucket list to return to!

Beaver Creek Lodge

Beaver Creek Lodge rents out snowmobiles with reasonable prices. It’s just down the road from the cabin so you don’t need to have a vehicle equipped to carry them to the trails. Simply take the ranger down to the Beaver Mountain Lodge, park, grab your rented snowmobile, and away you go! There are multiple trails in the area so no worries on not finding enough places to ride.

Go Sledding

Another activity that we enjoyed was sledding! The Eagles Roost sits atop a large hill that is just begging to be sled down. Several of the boys spent hours creating jumps and various routes to the bottom.  Later they enjoyed a competition to see who could get launched the highest. Even though they’re grown men, you really never are too old to enjoy good, clean fun like racing to the bottom of a snowy mountain, right?

Play Board Games Inside a Cabin

Growing up, I used to hate playing board games. Surprisingly, as I’ve gotten older I’ve found more and more enjoyment from them. We had all our friends and family bring up their favorites and spent both evenings battling in catchphrase and flexing our brains in code names.

We even found several card games in one of the closets while we were there. Downstairs, you’ll find a ping pong table and foosball. My recommendation? Start a friendly competition and loser has to clean up dinner!

Bear Lake Cabin, Utah

Restaurants in Bear Lake in Winter

While Logan and Garden City are not too far of a drive away, we recommend bringing your own food. The cabin is fully furnished and has everything necessary that you’ll need to cook amazing meals. We feasted each day that we were there and never lacked any necessary cooking supplies.

Our advice…bring up ingredients to make your favorite soup (our fav is white chicken chili). After playing in the snow, we warmed up to a hot bowl sitting next to the fire. Honestly, life doesn’t get much better than that!

Bear Lake Cabin, Utah

Tips To Enjoy Winter in Bear Lake

  • Don’t forget the hot chocolate at home! You’re going to need this to complete the perfect weekend getaway.
  • On your packing list don’t forget to include sleds.
  • Take advantage of the Google home system that they have available to play your favorite music on in the background.
  • Bring a master fire-builder that can keep the family room fire roaring.
  • Wake up and watch a sunrise. Or better yet, if you are staying in the master bedroom simply open the blinds and watch the pink clouds light up the sky from the bed.
  • If your whole family will be staying with you, plan a family picture session! Honestly, the scenery and landscape are to die for. Simply walk out the door and you’ve got the perfect backdrop.

If you plan to come back and visit this area during the summer you may want to take a drive about an hour north and visit this hidden alpine lake.

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Our stay was hosted by Bear Lake Cabin Rentals. All opinions remain our own.

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