Day Trip to Bloomington Lake Idaho [Best Mountain Lake in SE Idaho]

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Bloomington Lake 

We would have never heard about Bloomington Lake, Idaho if it wasn’t for a getaway with our friends that took us up to Bear Lake. In the past, we have always just stayed in Garden City but this time we were in St. Charles, Idaho.

Before taking a trip, I alway likes to jump on google maps to scout out the area to see if there might be some interesting stops along the way. That is when we found out about Bloomington Lake! This crystal-clear, mountain lake is situated in Bloomington Canyon and characterized by the beautiful blue water and the steep cliffs on the north side of the lake. The best part about it in our opinion though, the epic rope swing!

Part Time Tourists, Bloomington Lake

Where is Bloomington Lake?

Bloomington Lake is located in Southeast Idaho in Bloomington, Idaho. Most people haven’t heard about the town of Bloomington but most have heard about Garden City/Bear Lake region. If you are in Garden City, it will take about an hour to get to the trailhead. However, you can cut down your time if you leave from St. Charles.

Part Time Tourists, Bloomington Lake

Hiking to Bloomington Lake

Get up early if you want to catch an epic sunrise

We got up fairly early one morning we were visiting and decided to take a drive out to see this fantastic spot. The hike was simple and the views incredible. If you manage to work up the courage to swing into the lake the next challenge would be cliff jumping from the sheer cliffs alongside the lake.

Since the morning was a bit chilly when we visited we opted for neither of those options and enjoyed taking in the fresh air and gorgeous scenery. During one point, I took my camera to go and get some shots and Steve found the most perfect rock formation for a little snooze. We called it Nature’s Lazy Boy and later both enjoyed cuddling on it while watching the rising sun.

Part Time Tourists, Bloomington Lake

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