Vacation Prep With A Baby Or Toddler: The Stroller Situation

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Traveling with babies and toddlers requires careful planning, and one essential item that can make or break your journey is the stroller. In this guide, we’ll explore the crucial questions parents should ask themselves before embarking on a trip with their little ones and their trusty stroller.

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1. Is The Stroller Suitable For Travel?

Now you don’t need to get a stroller specifically for travel, but if you do travel often, it may be of benefit to you and your family! I like to look for features such as a lightweight design, compact fold, and easy maneuverability, making it convenient for navigating airports, public transport, and tight spaces. Check out this article about my favorite single travel strollers. If you’ve got two little ones, check out this article about my favorite double travel strollers.

2. Should I Bring My Own Stroller or Rent One?

Consider the logistics of bringing your own stroller versus renting one at your destination. Think about factors like convenience, cleanliness, and your child’s comfort with their familiar stroller. If you don’t need a stroller during the airport, then renting may be a great way to pack less with you! I’ve rented from a company called rents4baby (discount code-whereisbriggs) before and had a great experience! I also have a discount code for BabyQuip (PARTTIME10).

I personally seem to always grab a stroller with me to travel with because even if my little one is not riding in it, it’s a great place to put my bags on top of and push through the airport. Additionally, if there are airport delays, I like to have a stroller that reclines so my little one can nap.

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3. How Will I Transport the Stroller?

    Plan how you will transport the stroller from home to your destination. Some airlines allow strollers as gate-checked items, while others may require them to be checked with regular baggage. Ensure your stroller is appropriately protected during travel. Most airlines don’t require you use stroller bags when checking your stroller, but I recommend it! Check with your stroller company to see if they make a bag specific to your stroller before buying a generic bag on Amazon.

    4. Will you bring your stroller onto the plane with you?

    Some airlines allow you to bring your stroller onto the plane with you if it can fit in the overhead bin. If you’re traveling internationally, I always recommend bringing your stroller with you onto the plane if possible if you would like to use it at the airport. If not, sometime it can end up in baggage claim after you gate check it making it difficult if you planned to have it available as soon as you stepped off the plane. Check out this article about travel strollers that can fit in the overhead bin.

    5. Does the Stroller Fit the Destination’s Terrain?

    Consider the type of terrain at your destination. If you’re headed to a city with smooth sidewalks, a lightweight stroller may suffice. For more rugged terrain or outdoor activities, a sturdier, all-terrain stroller might be necessary.

    6. Practice Unfolding & Folding Your Stroller

    I know this may seem like the silliest thing ever but trust me, I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of smooth travel days being interrupted because parents forgot how to fold down their strollers right as they are trying to get on the airplane. Pro-tip: Practice doing these things with a backpack on your back and a baby in your arms!

    7. Does the Stroller Comply with Airlines’ Regulations?

    Check the airline’s regulations regarding stroller size and weight. Ensure your stroller meets these requirements to avoid any issues during check-in or boarding.

    8. How Do You Plan On Getting Your Stroller Through Security Check-In?

    Once again, this may be a silly suggestion, but I would totally role play how you’re going to deal with your stroller while going through security!

    9. Will Your Stroller Fit In The Back Of Your Rental Car?

    We ran into a problem once when we had request a SUV but got stuck with a Jeep Renegade and couldn’t fit everything in the back of the vehicle. Call ahead to make sure you know exactly what vehicle you are getting.

    10. Is Your Stroller Public-Transportation Friendly?

    I mostly say this about double strollers but sometimes strollers just are not made for buses and trains. Consider this when deciding which stroller you plane to bring!

    By addressing these essential questions before your journey, you’ll be well-prepared for a stress-free adventure with your child’s stroller in tow. Traveling with little ones can be a joy when you have the right tools, and a well-chosen stroller can make all the difference. Safe travels!

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