Ditch The Stroller & Consider These Alternatives Instead [For Traveling Families]

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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I LOVE strollers (here are my favorite travel strollers)! But, I know every family’s situation and travel circumstances are different (or your little one is just straight up refusing the stroller) so here are some ideas of how to transport your little ones without needing a stroller!

Note- If you’ve got a baby & a toddler that you’re traveling with, you may need to combine two of these options if you want the ability to transport them at the same time.

1. Baby Wraps

  • Baby wraps are a fantastic hands-free option for parents. These soft, fabric carriers allow you to keep your baby snug against your body.
  • Advantages: Promotes bonding, easy to pack, suitable for young newborns and up.
  • My favorite brands: Solly Baby Wrap (Discount code- JESSICA10) and Konny Wrap (great for warmer weather as pictured below).

2. Soft Structured Carriers

  • Soft structured carriers are designed for ergonomic comfort for both parents and babies. They provide proper support and distribute weight evenly.
  • Advantages: Suitable for babies and toddlers, adjustable straps for a custom fit, great for longer walks.
  • My favorite soft structured carrier: Ergobaby Breeze

3. Hip Carriers

  • Hip carriers like Tushbaby offer a unique way to carry your child on your hip.
  • Advantages: Easy access to essentials, ergonomic design, easy to take on and take off, doesn’t get you or your baby super sweaty
  • My Favorite Brand: Tushbaby (Discount code-TOURIST15)

4. Hiking Backpacks

  • If your travels include outdoor adventures, consider using a hiking backpack designed for carrying kids. These offer superior comfort and storage options.
  • Advantages: Ideal for hiking and outdoor activities, built-in sunshades, comfortable for both parent and child.
  • Popular brands: Osprey Poco, Deuter Kid Comfort, Kelty Journey. The one that I own and have used is the Thule Carrier. On my Instagram page, I have a friend who did a deep dive into hiking carriers and you can find it in my saved highlight reel!

5. Toddler Carriers like Trail Magik

  • Carriers like the Trail Magik are designed to adapt to various situations, making them versatile for travel. They offer the option to carry your child on your front or back.
  • Advantages: Versatile design, multiple carry positions, really lightweight and easy to pack, great if you are backpacking.
  • Trail Magik’s website (Discount code- BRIGGS)

6. Ring Slings

  • Ring slings are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for travel. They consist of a long piece of fabric threaded through two rings, allowing for easy adjustments.
  • Advantages: Quick to put on and take off, stylish options available, suitable for infants and toddlers.
  • My favorite brand: WildBird (Discount code WHEREISBRIGGS10)

7. Wagons:

8. Bike Trailer (that can be used as a stroller)

  • If you plan on cycling during your trip, a bike stroller is an excellent option for you. These trailers or attachments allow you to safely carry your child while riding your bike but also can convert into a stroller (some kids who hate the stroller actually can tolerate a bike stroller).
  • Advantages: Active and fun transportation, suitable for older toddlers, promotes outdoor exploration.
  • Popular brands: Thule Chariot, Burley, Radio Flyer

9. Car Seat Cart:

  • When navigating airports, a car seat cart can be a game-changer. It allows you to securely attach your child’s car seat, turning it into a travel-friendly “stroller” for the duration of your journey.
  • Advantages: Streamlines airport travel, convenient for quick transitions, keeps your child comfortable.
  • Popular brands: Holm, Britax Car Seat Travel Cart, Car Seat Cart with four wheels

10. Car Seat Attachment Strap

  • For a clever solution, you can use a strap to attach your child’s car seat to your rolling suitcase. This transforms your luggage into a makeshift stroller, making it easier to transport your little one through airports or train stations.
  • Advantages: Cost-effective, simple solution, utilizes existing luggage. (Tip- this works better when. your babies are lighter).
  • This is the strap that I purchased from Amazon and it works great.

11. Stand-Up Stroller Board

  • If you have an older child who can stand, a stand-up stroller board attaches to your baby’s stroller, allowing the older child to ride along while you push the stroller.
  • Advantages: Sibling-friendly, easy to attach and detach, eliminates the need for a double stroller.
  • Popular brands: Lascal BuggyBoard (fits many strollers)

12. Ride-On Stroller Board

  • Similar to the stand-up board, a ride-on stroller board provides a seat for your older child to sit and ride along comfortably.
  • Advantages: Keeps kids active and engaged, convenient for tired little legs.
  • Popular brand: Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board

13. Foldable Trike: Compact and Versatile

  • Foldable trikes are compact tricycles that can be used to transport your child while traveling. They fold up easily for storage and transport.
  • Advantages: Suitable for toddlers, provides a fun ride, easy to pack.
  • Popular brands: Doona Trike, Dream On Me Rider
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14. Travel Scooter

  • A travel scooter is a compact and portable mode of transportation for your child. It’s perfect for navigating crowded areas like amusement parks or city streets.
  • Advantages: Compact, fun for kids, great for urban travel.
  • Popular travel friendly option: Micro Kickboard 3-in-1

15. Lugabug

  • If you’re traveling with a suitcase, the Lugabug is a creative approach to ditching the travel stroller.
  • It’s compact, lightweight and inexpensive when comparing to other travel stroller alternatives.
  • My toddler has so much fun riding on the suitcase while we are at the airport!

Want to ditch the stroller when you’re traveling? I’ve got 14 different ideas for you when traveling with babies and toddlers! Blog post is live on my site! 🫶 #baby #toddler #traveltips #babiesoftiktok #baby #flyingwithababy #familytravel #flyingwithatoddler #toddlersoftiktok #strollers #babywearingmama

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