9 Best Things To Do On A Ski Trip To Alta Utah [Complete Guide]

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Ski Trip To Utah. Alta, Utah drone picture

When planning a ski trip to Utah, there are so many resorts and cities to choose from like the Deer Valley Resort in Park city, Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, Nordic Valley Park, Brian Head Mountain, Beaver Mountain, Eagle Point Ski Resort, Nordic Valley Ski Resort… the list goes on and on.

But today, I’m sharing one of the top places of where to go skiing in all the United States! Perhaps, the entire world! No really, I met people from Australia and the UK during this trip that told me they keep coming back here year after year.

In addition, what are things you can do on a ski vacation besides just skiing? In this article you’ll find-

  • Where you should stay on a ski trip to Utah (hint, it’s really close to Salt Lake City)
  • Where To Go Skiing in Utah
  • Additional things to do on a ski vacation besides just skiing!

Alta Utah Ski Lift

1. Choose The Perfect Ski Lodge in Alta

A great ski trip to Utah starts by picking the perfect ski lodge in Alta. There are plenty of lodging options, but I recommend staying at the Alta Lodge, the first and original lodge to Alta. Rosie O’Grady , Vice President at Alta Lodge, explained that the Alta Lodge is “not just a hotel room,” and I couldn’t agree more.

This family owned and operated lodge is akin to a traditional, European ski lodge. Following mountain lodge norms of old, this ski lodge offers an incredible breakfast with a delicious four-course dinner for guests complimentary during their stay. I also really enjoyed the tea time during the afternoon. It was a much needed break from skiing and the cold, outside temperatures.

If you twisted my arm and told me I could only describe this lodge with three words I would say Authentic, Welcoming, and Intimate. From the chef prepared meals, the convenient ski in and ski out locker room, the warm atmosphere, and to everyone treating you like family (not just staff, guests too!), you’ll never want to leave this special spot.

So whether you are a solo traveler wanting to stay in the dorm rooms, a couple looking for a romantic ski getaway, or a family wanting to enjoy all the kid club amenities that are offered, the Alta Lodge is the place to have a remarkable ski trip to Alta, Utah.

Ski Trip To Utah

Most likely you’ll be flying into the Salt Lake City International Airport and will simply need to rent a car and take the scenic 40 minute drive to the lodge. Alternatively, you can just book a shuttle to Alta and not have to deal with the car rental.

2. Go Skiing….Duh

Obviously, you can’t miss out on the skiing during a ski trip to Utah. Lucky for you, Alta Utah is known for their incredible powder, scenery, and diverse terrain. That and the amazing quality and quantity of snow they receive each year, a whopping average of 547 inches!

Alta Skiing in Utah
Photo Courtesy- Alta Ski Area / Photo John

Alta is quite unique because it is one of only three ski areas in the U.S. that does not allow snowboarders. It’s been family-owned since 1938 and is an independent ski area. By skiing at Alta you’ll “experience a natural mountain environment with a rich history of deep powder.”

Ski Trip To Utah

We were told by our amazing guide for the day, Andria the Communications Manager for Alta Ski Area, that there was a stereotype that Alta was only for advanced skiers. I couldn’t disagree more with that erroneous stereotype.

I had never been skiing in my life yet never felt like people got annoyed with my clumsy falls, me losing one of skis and poles behind me, or fumbling for an inordinate amount of time to scan my ski pass to get onto the lift. I felt welcomed and accepted, despite my beginner status.

Skiing in Alta Utah
Photo Courtesy- Alta Ski Area/ Photo-John

Don’t get me wrong, this place isn’t just for beginners, there were plenty of runs that I didn’t even think of doing, but there is plenty to do for a beginner skier in Alta, Utah!

You can find the snow report, lift ticket prices, ski school and classes, spring skiing information, skiing deals, and gear rental information here.

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3. Stuff Your Face Full Of Delicious Food

If you stay at the Alta Lodge, then your breakfast and dinner will be covered. However, if you’re looking for additional places of where to eat in Alta, here’s an insiders guide to some of the best restaurants in Alta, Utah! Huge thanks to Andria from Alta Ski Area for putting this list together.

  • Alf’s Restaurant French fries are a must when skiing Alta.
  • Albion Day lodge offers daily specials you don’t want to miss, Gyro sandwiches to delicious chili.
restaurants in Alta Utah
Photo courtesy- Alta Ski Area/Photo-John
  • Collins Grill at Watson, take off your ski boots, enjoy the views and enjoy locally sourced food.
  • After a day of skiing stop into Goldminer’s Saloon for their famous nachos. Bring a friend to help you eat them
  • Dinner, Shallow Shaft Restaurant, enjoy salmon fished from Alaska by restaurant managers.
  • Alta Java, stop over at the Albion Day lodge for a Suzie’s special during your ski day.
restaurants in Alta Utah
Photo Courtesy- Alta Ski Area

4. Start The Day With Sunrise Yoga

No doubt you’ll be sore after your first day of skiing during your ski trip to Utah. To remedy that, start the day by stretching those tight muscle with sunrise yoga! The Alta Lodge offers complimentary yoga sessions to all their guests.

What I love about their particular morning yoga is that they specifically tailor it to the needs of skiers by focusing on moves and stretches that will help soothe those muscles that you use on the mountain. They hold their morning yoga sessions in the historic Sitzmark Club during the winter.

So if you’re looking to start your morning off right, catch a yoga session with a beautiful, mountain sunrise view!

5. Soak Your Sore Muscles In A Sauna 

If you’ve been following along with Part Time Tourists for long, you know my love for hot tubs and hot springs runs deep! In fact, I’ve been blessed to visit the best 7 natural hot springs in Utah and some pretty incredible hot springs in Idaho too.

With that said, the Alta Lodge may just have won the award for the most scenic, indoor hot tubs that I’ve ever visited before! After a day a skiing, nothing is better than soaking your tired body in hot, bubbling water. Hot tubs not your thing? Try relaxing in the sauna instead!

hot tubs at alta lodge utah

6. Relax With A Massage

This of course made the list of the best things to do during a skit trip! There are several options for massages in Alta, Utah along with spas in Alta, Utah.

First, you can enjoy a massage from the comforts of your own room by scheduling a massage with either Cottonwood Canyon Massage or Zeel. We booked a couples massage with Zeel while vacationing in Kansas City and we loved how they came directly to you, instead of having to go to a spa.

If however, you’d like to enjoy time at a spa, you can book services at the Goldminer’s Daughter Spa or the Cliff Spa. Not only do they offer massages, but also facials, body treatments, and foot treatments.

get a massage on your ski trip to Utah

7. Take in The Spectacular Mountain Views

You’re not going to want to leave your camera at home for this trip! The entire area is a photographer’s dream. So whether you’re simply driving up the canyon, sipping your drink on the deck of the lodge, or at the top of a run, you’re going to be rewarded with stunning views.

If you’re interested, here’s my recommended camera gear for a trip like this one. Worried about breaking your camera or simply don’t want to carry the weight? An action camera like this one will do the trick!

8. Enjoy a traditional “Après ski” activity

Après Ski is french for “after ski” and generally refers to the the social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing. A fan favorite is enjoying the company of friends and family in the historic Sitzmark Club. From the beautiful fireplace to the slope-view windows, it’s welcome to all (of course, if you’re over 21).

“The Sitzmark Club is a classic ski bar located in the original building of the Lodge. It’s the perfect spot to relax in front of the fireplace, looking out on the mountain with an après ski drink, soaking in the feel of our warm and historic lodge. In 2011 USA Today named the “classic, intimate” Sitzmark one of “10 great places for après-ski nightlife” in North America.” –

Sitzmark Club in Alta Utah

9. Read by the fireplace

Nothing screams relaxation quite like a good book next to a crackling fireplace. It’s not hard to find a quiet, serene place like pictured below in Alta, Utah. So whether you’re diving in to your romance novel or simply staying up to date on the latest news, don’t forget to take some time relaxing during your ski trip to Utah!

reading newspaper by the fireplace

A big thank you to the Alta Lodge and Alta Ski Area for hosting us during this ski trip. All opinions remain our own.

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