Best Blogger Hack To Quickly Grow Your Facebook Page Without Ads [10-Min Guide]

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Have you tried every single method as a blogger to growing your facebook business page and still haven’t gotten the results that you want? Today I am going to share my number #1 blogger hack on how to grow your facebook page organically, and quickly (without ads)!

Example of how to grow your facebook page as a blogger quickly and organically without ads.

Grow Your Facebook Page Without Ads

A few strategies that I’ve tried in the past on my facebook page (that still work, just more slowly) include adding polls to my stories, posting image collages, creating facebook videos from my blog posts, ask engaging questions, etc. These are all amazing strategies that I continue to use. But this strategy helped me increase my page likes and followers 179% in just three days!

Don’t have a facebook page yet? No worries. I went my whole first year in blogging without one and I share that mistake in my article titled, “10 Huge Mistakes I Made In My First Year of Blogging.

Best Blogger Hack to Grow Your Facebook Page

Facebook recently announced that you can now join Facebook Groups as your page! In the past, you’ve only been able to join groups if joined with your personal account. However, this new rule is a game changer!

First, what are facebook groups? According to facebook they, “are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives discuss issues, post photos and share related content.”

Example of how to grow your facebook page as a blogger quickly and organically without ads.

Did you know that there are plenty of groups in every single niche on facebook? So whether you’re a travel blogger (like myself), a lifestyle blogger, food blogger, etc. there is a group out there for you to join!

So that’s exactly what I went out in search of. Because I post a lot of photos from the United States, I started searching for photography groups that were specific to each of the states that I had visited and had photos for.

After I joined several groups, I created a post (as my page) and then the rest was history! In two days that post had garnered over 700 likes! It was incredible.

Example of how to grow your facebook page as a blogger quickly and organically without ads.

And the best part about that was that I now had over 700 invites that I could send out! (see photo below). You see, every time someone likes a post that a page created, that page then has the option to send out invites to those individuals.

These invites are sent directly to the individual and appear as a notification and say something like, “You recently liked a post from Part Time Tourists, do you want to like their page?”

Example of how to grow your facebook page as a blogger quickly and organically without ads.

And that is when the page likes and follows start rolling in.

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Be Creative In Your Facebook Groups To Grow Your Facebook Page

Here’s another example of me sharing to a group and using a collage of images. It may not seem like a lot of likes compared to the example above, but for that specific Facebook Group, it actually did quite well!

Try adding a collage of images to a facebook page or even a video to boost engagement and get more likes for your post! Because remember, the more people that like your post the more invites you get to send out. And ultimately, this helps you grow your facebook page.

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Example of how to grow your facebook page as a blogger quickly and organically without ads.

What if a facebook group doesn’t allow you to join as your page?

So you just found the perfect facebook group to join but it doesn’t allow you to join as your page, what now?

If the facebook group looks healthy (regular posting and high amount of likes) then I still would join it as your personal profile if you know that the group will find value in your photos/information that you’ll share.

But how can you still get facebook page likes and followers if you’re not able to send out an invite after someone likes your post? Here are two simple ways.

1- Watermark your photo. I had many people love the photo so much that they came and found me on their own. The watermark doesn’t have to be large or distracting, I just placed mine in the bottom right hand corner as shown below.

Example of how to grow your facebook page as a blogger quickly and organically without ads.

2- Don’t give out all the necessary information in the caption. I could have listed where this spot was, the exact trail, when I visited, etc. But I didn’t. Why? Because I knew that someone was going to ask about it. (People always want to know where a photo is taken at).

So in a sense, I dangled the bait and just waited. Sure enough, comments started rolling in about where this photo was taken. This provided me a great way to be helpful and offer them information from my website (gotta get those website conversions) without being spammy and self-promotional in the actual post (most groups don’t allow that anyway).

Facebook Group Etiquette

-Don’t be spammy. Join the group if you can honestly provide valuable information, photos, etc. that will be of benefit to the group. The subsequent likes and followers are just an awesome added benefit.

-Make sure you read and review the rules of the facebook group before joining. Note if they prohibit people from sharing personal photos, website links, etc.

I hope this 10 minute hack of how to grow your facebook page without ads will help you out like it did for me!

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