How To Find Fall Creek Falls Idaho- Best Waterfall in Eastern Idaho

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Fall Creek Falls

There are quite a few amazing waterfalls in Idaho. We loved our visit to Shoshone Falls while we visited Twin Falls, Idaho. Mesa Falls is also a beautiful waterfall we love to see every time we visit Island Park or Yellowstone.

But I want to share with you my absolute favorite and IMHO best waterfall in Eastern Idaho and how to find Fall Creek Falls!

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Why I love Fall Creek Falls

  1. Accessibility! You can find Fall Creek Falls right along side the road near a major highway. There is no long hiking trail or difficult river that you need to boat in order to see it.
  2. Two Great Views- As seen from the photo below, not only do you get a fantastic view of the waterfall, but as you turn to look upstream, you see the beautiful snake river with the mountains in the background.
  3. Free- There is no fee to see this waterfall. However, if you plan on parking and putting in your canoe (explained below) there is a small access fee.

Location of Fall Creek Falls

Where is Fall Creek Falls waterfall in Idaho? Located just off U.S. Hwy 26 you’ll find a road either called NF-058 or Snake River-Palisades Dam Road.

You’ll drive about 1.5 miles down this dirt road to where the road widens and you can park right alongside that same road. You’ll see a couple of trails that have already been cut that lead directly to the top of the Falls.

How To Get To The Base

This part is a little tricker. I’ve heard about some people who will actually start from the top and climb down in the actual waterfall as there is different levels which make it so one could climb it. That option seemed to risky for me because of how slick it can be.

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A better option would be to bring a canoe or kayak and put in about .5 miles back down the direction you came from. You’ll be paddling upstream for a little bit but if the water is calm this is doable.

If not, you’ll want to go further upstream along U.S. Hwy 26 and put in from there. That’s what we did and we were not only able to enjoy the end goal of the waterfall, but the beautiful river along the way!

Things to bring:

  • Water shoes
  • Plastic baggie to keep your phone dry
  • Food & Water
  • Sunscreen and/or sun hat
  • Swim suit if you plan on getting wet
  • Camera! (Just make sure to have a way to keep it safe & dry) If you want to know what camera gear I use, you can read about it here!
Fall Creek Falls, Idaho. Best waterfall in eastern Idaho

I hope you enjoy your time at Fall Creek Falls!

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