How To Have A Successful Vacation In Island Park, Idaho

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Island Park, Idaho is a very special place to Steve. Every year growing up, he and his family would spend a whole week enjoying the area during their family reunions. So it wasn’t any surprise that early on in our dating he took me to this incredible place so I could see for myself how truly spectacular it really is. Since then, we try and make it back at least once a year either for family reunions or just a day trip together.

Because Island Park is close to Yellowstone, some will simply drive on by or just sleep there and spend all their time in the park. Those people are missing out on so much! Here are 5 ways to make your Island Park vacation a complete success!

Rent a RZR with Polaris Adventures at High Mountain Adventures:

This was our first time renting a RZR and we are hands down are going to rent every time we go back now! There is so much of Island Park that we were able to see that previously had been left unnoticed due to our lack of 4WD. Do yourself a favor a rent a RZR for the day. What we loved about our ride was that it was so safe, anybody can feel comfortable riding one, and it created a lasting memory that we will have forever. Polaris Adventures have so many different locations scattered through the U.S. but the location in Island Park is called High Mountain Adventures.

Marvel at Mesa Falls:

Don’t miss this incredible waterfall! What I recommend is parking at Upper Mesa Falls and then taking the short trail on the boardwalk to marvel at this incredible sight. After you’re done there, take the 1 mile trail that leads to lower falls. Trust me, you’ll want to see both of them.

Feed the Fish at Big Springs:

My very first time visiting Big Springs I learned that fish love…canned corn! I have no idea. So every time we visit we make sure to grab a couple of cans from the local grocery store and have a good time throwing the kernels in the water and watching the fish go crazy. These have got to be some of the largest fish that I have ever seen (probably due to the no fishing, swimming rules). This is a place that the whole family would enjoy.

Take a short hike to Sheep Falls:

This hike is relatively unknown and consequently very quiet. You’ll most likely have the trail along with the falls all to yourself when you visit. Follow the instructions below very closely or you’ll get lost like we almost did!

Turn onto Sheep Falls Road from US-20 (you’ll be on sheep falls road for 2.4 miles.) You’ll then arrive at a four way intersection. Park your car to the side of the road and start walking to the left. The trail is about a mile long and for the last 3/4 of the trail you’ll be walking downhill with the sound on the waterfall in the background.

Drive over to Yellowstone National Park:

Obviously, if you are in the area you have to take the short drive over to Yellowstone National Park. In my opinion, one of the best views in the park is at Artist Point. This spot is known as the Grand Canyon of the West. Our favorite part of the park though has got to be driving around looking for animals! We’ve been lucky to see many bison, antelopes, different types of birds, and even a wolf once.

We want to thank Polaris Adventures for the complimentary ride. All opinions remain our own.

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