Avoid This Rookie Mistake While Visiting Southern Utah -

Avoid This Rookie Mistake While Visiting Southern Utah

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Do you have a destination that you can go to time and time again and never get tired of? That’s Southern Utah for us. We love Southern Utah and thus consequently, always find ourselves taking trips there. Over the years we’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks that we like sharing with our audience.

However, today, we would like to share a huge mistake that we have made on every trip, until our most recent vacation. The rookie mistake? Driving straight through St. George, Utah.

Most people zoom right on by heading to the National Parks without even realizing what they are missing along the way! I hope this post convinces you to make this a stop rather than a drive-by city.

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St. George, Utah


Where to stay?

We love finding My Place Hotels wherever they are located and the St. George hotel did not disappoint! It is extremely clean, has spacious suites, and plenty of snack and food options in their mini on-site store. I can’t be the only one who gets snacky at night, right?! But our favorite part about this location? The hot tub and pool!

No joke, we spent a solid 2 hours relaxing our sore muscles in the large hot tub after a long day of hiking. After our fingers were serious prunes, we enjoyed falling asleep to one of Steve’s favorite TV shows. Such a great stay at My Place St. George! Also, if you want 10% off your booking price, click here.

My Place Hotels, St. George, Utah

Things to Do in St. George, Utah

Pioneer Park-

Here you will find the famous Dixie Rock (sometimes referred to as Sugarloaf). This park offers beautiful views of the city and the red rock country that surrounds St. George. If you are into picnics then this is the place for you.

They had picnic tables and pavilions that make it easy to get out of the sun. We went hiking instead of picnicking and had a blast! There are plenty of different trails and although there were quite a few people, we never felt like it was too crowded. We also think this would be a great park to visit if you had young kids because of the easy trails.

Dixie Rock, St. George Utah

Sand Hollow State Park-

This is one of St. George’s most popular parks and for good reason! The park boasts warm, blue water and that iconic red rock landscape. You’ll also find Sand Mountain, sand dunes that can be explored by off-road vehicles.

Unfortunately, when we were visiting the weather was too cold to get into the water but this is a perfect destination for families, couples, adventure seekers and water sports fans. You can boat, fish, ATV, and even camp with your RV or tent.

Sand Hollow State Park, St. George, Utah
Photo courtesy of Utah.com

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve-

This reserve was originally created to protect the rapid expansion and development that threaten the local wildlife. You can stop by the Visitor Center and see live animals and their current exhibits.

In addition, there are plenty of hiking trails that lead to cool lookouts, rock formations, petroglyphs, slot canyons, and even an arch. Please stay on the trails and explore responsibly.

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve
Photo courtesy of Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

Snow Canyon State Park-

Located just 15 minutes from St. George, it’s incredibly easy to gain access to this park. This park has gained the nickname “Little Zion” but can be enjoyed with much fewer crowds.

Don’t be fooled with the nickname “little” though. With over 38 miles worth of hiking trails, you won’t be bored. Some of the top hikes at Snow Canyon State Park are Petroglyph Hike, Diamond Cinder Cone Hike, Babylon Arch, and Yant Flats.

Snow Canyon State Park, Utah
Photo courtesy of Utah.com

Next time you find yourself near St. George, take some time to explore and even stay a night or two!

A big thank you to My Place-St. George for hosting us! All opinions remain our own.

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