Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Need To Know About Green River, Utah

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Green River, UT. Ever heard of it? I sure hadn’t until I looked at a map while planning out a Southern Utah trip. The location of the town really appealed to me because of the adventures that we had planned so I started digging.

After a few Google and Pinterest searches, I was sold! A few things that peaked my interested? Green River has a Melon Days Festival, an incredible Crystal Geyser, a haven for paddlers, and was once the stomping crowds for Butch Cassidy and his crew!

With the rich history combined with the many unique things to do, we knew this was our kind of place to stay. We made plans to base ourselves in Green River during our trip because it was seriously the most perfect location when wanting to visit sites like Arches National Park, Goblin Valley, Canyonlands, Dead Horse State Park, and many others!

Where to stay in Green River, Utah

Skyfall guesthomes, Green River, Utah
Skyfall guesthomes, Green River, Utah

We recommend staying at the Skyfall Guestrooms! There are a total of three guestrooms each with a different theme inspired by the local area. The owners have pushed their creative limits and have designed incredibly unique rooms. We enjoyed staying in the Book Cliffs Guestroom but you also have the choice of staying in the Crystal Geyser or Goblin Valley room.

Skyfall Guestrooms

We also really appreciated the fact that they haven’t forgotten the small details at the Skyfall Guestrooms as they had complimentary drinks stashed in the mini fridge, Utah caramels, and even a room-inspired postcard as a souvenir that you can take home with you.

Maybe our favorite part? The large glass windows! These windows serve the guestrooms well because they are situated with an incredible view of the river! We got there right in time for sunset so we took a moment to sit on the nice patio chairs and watch the sun go down.

If you want a place that has gone above and beyond on guest satisfaction, attention to detail, and creativity, then the Skyfall Guestrooms are for you! You can book your stay here.

Where to eat

Hands down we recommend the Tamarisk Resturant for EVERY meal while staying in Green River, Utah. Seriously, it’s that good. We enjoyed having dinner with a view the first night that we checked in. Steve swears that the Navajo Salad is the best salad he’s ever eaten. So definitely try that while you are there!

What stole the show for me was the fact that I got to eat my delicious quesadilla while watching a beaver play in the river right in front of us. Memorable meal spent at the Tamarisk Restaurant.

Another bonus of staying at the Skyfall Guestrooms is that breakfast is complimentary at the Tamarisk Restaurant. Whatever you do, order the cinnamon roll! It’s TAM good (TAMarisk Restaurant…see what they did there 😉)

Skyfall guesthomes, Green River, Utah
Skyfall guesthomes, Green River, Utah

Things to do near Green River, Utah-

Goblin Valley

This landscape may seem out of this world, but surprisingly, these rock formations are found in Southern Utah. Goblin Valley State Park is home to hundreds of hoodoos (goblins, as the locals say) which are mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles. The valley is beyond beautiful and welcomes hikers, bikers, and explorers. You can spend hours walking through the valley admiring these strange looking forms. My only regret? Not bringing a large group with me to play hide n’ seek! It would have been epic!

Dead Horse State Park- Part Time Tourists


Canyonlands is one of the Mighty Five (national parks) in Utah and is remarkable due to the unique sandstone structures, a plethora of hiking trails, and Native American ruins. It is often overlooked due to the proximity to Arches National Park. The Park has several different districts that are worth exploring including The Needles District and Island in the Sky.

We have been wanting to visit this park for a while in order to complete the challenge of visiting all the National Parks in Utah. We are so happy that we picked the perfect weekend to finish that goal- sunny and cool. Canyonlands is packed full of hiking and biking trails but if you don’t have too much time, we recommend visiting Mesa Arch.

Don’t miss Mesa Arch in Canyonlands!

Mesa Arch is one of the most photographed sunrise spots in all of Utah and for good reason. We didn’t want to battle all the photographers who show up, so we visited early afternoon. Incredible, expansive views await those who take on this short trail. If you have more time we would recommend checking out Aztec Butte Trail, White Rim Overlook, and the Grand View Point Trail.

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands, National Park! #canyonlands #nationalparks

Dead Horse State Park

You may have heard about Dead Horse State Park through the iconic shot, a view of a gooseneck in the Colorada River as pictured below. Dead Horse State Park got its name through an unfortunate event that occurred at Dead Horse Point. The mesa top was used as a corral for horses due to its unique location.

Local ranchers would try and herd wild mustangs onto that point. And then after selecting which ones they wanted, they left the gate closed (accident or not?) and stranded the remaining horses there. They all died of thirst while looking at the Colorado River below the sheer cliffs.

Incredibly sad legend, but that is how the park got its name. While here you can hike, bike, and even camp! If we could do it over again we would have packed a lunch and ate it while taking in the incredible view!

Arches National Park

Depending on which season you are visiting in or if you are there during the weekend or weekday will determine what time you should arrive at the park. Although, I still recommend arriving early either way to beat the crowds. My next tip is to start from the back of the park and work your way to the entrance. Why? You will have a lot more access to parking spaces, less crowds to fight, and you’ll get a chance to scout out sites where you’ll want to stop on the way back.

What to see at Arches National Park

We got there pretty early, like 7 am, and only had to wait for several minutes to make it in. We immediately drove all the way back to Devils Garden and explored the short trail and several arches that were there. I really like the Devils Garden trail because you can see so many different arches within a short amount of time.

Quite possibly the most stunning area of the park is the turnoff to the Garden of Eden. Take a left on your way back to enjoy spectacular views of the Garden of Eden. After taking some time to admire the beauty press on to the parking lot at the end of the road. Here you will find Double Arch, North Window, South Window, and Turret Arch. What I love about this area is you get incredible views all within short walking distances from each other. This area can get quite busy no matter when you come so just enjoy the views and try not to get too distressed with all the other tourists walking around. Here’s a Complete Guide of the best things to see in Arches National Park.

We hope you enjoy your time in Southern Utah! If you’re the type of person that likes to do day trips and then come back to the same place each night, then you should base yourself in Green River, Utah! The epicenter to many fun adventures!

Our stay in Green River, Utah was hosted by Skyfall Guestrooms. All opinions remain our own.

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