Vacation Prep With A Baby Or Toddler: The Pumping Mom

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Before traveling as a pumping mom, make sure you can answer these 10 questions so you’re not caught off guard while you’re out of town!

Questions to ask yourself before traveling as a pumping mom:

  1. Do I Have the Right Equipment?

Ensure you have all of the equipment that you need! Check out this blog post about everything I pack as a pumping mama.

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2. What Are My Pumping Options During Travel?
Airports and public spaces worldwide are becoming more accommodating for breastfeeding moms. Places like the United States widely accept pumping in public but if you feel more comfortable you can research specific lactation rooms.

This pumping online course will help you answer all of these questions and help you navigate how to travel as a pumping mom!

3. How Will I Store and Transport Breast Milk?
Consider the logistics of storing and transporting breast milk during your travels. Invest in a quality cooler (there are several on the market that I love!) with sufficient insulation and ice packs to keep your expressed milk fresh. Familiarize yourself with airline policies regarding carrying breast milk, and pack accordingly to avoid any issues during security checks.

My favorites:

Ceres Chill: The Ceres Chill (Discount code- BRIGGS15) is an ingenious breast milk cooler and storage system that ensures your expressed milk stays fresh and chilled throughout your travels.

Mila’s Keeper: Mila’s Keeper (Discount code-WHEREISBRIGGS) is a practical system that allows you to keep your pump milk cold until you can get to a fridge or freezer. They offer breast milk coolers and glass storage bottles.

Portable Cooler with Ice Packs: A portable cooler with ice packs is also a great alternative for any pumping mom who needs to transport expressed breast milk. These coolers provide a reliable and insulated storage solution, maintaining the optimal temperature for your milk while you’re on the move.

  • Mimi & Pal Radley Breastmilk Cooler (Discount Code-BRIGGS)
  • Sarah Wells Breastmilk Cooler “Cold Gold” (Discount code- BRIGGS)
  • Idaho Jones Roxwell or Lysia Cooler Bags (Discount Code- PTTOURIST10)

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4. Am I Taking Care of Myself?
Traveling can be physically and emotionally demanding, especially for a mom who is pumping. Prioritize self-care by staying hydrated, getting enough rest, and maintaining a healthy diet. Taking care of yourself ensures that you have the energy and well-being to care for your little one while on the go.

5. Have I Checked My Pump’s Compatibility with Power Outlets?
If you’re traveling internationally, check whether your breast pump is compatible with the local power outlets or if you need an adapter. Being prepared in this regard will prevent any inconvenience and allow you to pump consistently throughout your trip.

6. Do I know the airline rules and regulations about packing my pump and supplies?

Each airline has different policies but many consider it to be medical equipment and will allow you to bring it for free with you onto the plane.

7. How Will I Handle Security Checks at Airports?

Understand the procedures for carrying breast milk through airport security. Be aware of the rules regarding liquids, and consider bringing a copy of relevant guidelines from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure a smooth process.

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8. What’s My Plan for Cleaning Pump Parts?

Consider how you’ll clean your pump parts during your travels. Some accommodations provide cleaning facilities, while others may require you to bring cleaning supplies. Having a plan in place ensures that you can maintain proper hygiene for your pumping equipment.

9. How Will I Manage Different Time Zones?

If you’re traveling across time zones, think about how you’ll adjust your pumping schedule to align with your baby’s feeding times. Gradually shifting your pumping routine can help minimize any discomfort or disruption for both you and your little one.

Get all the answers you need and more with the Pumping & Flying Course!

Being a traveling and pumping mom requires a combination of preparation, flexibility, and self-advocacy. By asking yourself these essential questions and planning accordingly, you can make the most of your journey while ensuring that your baby receives the nourishment they need. Remember, you’re not alone—many moms successfully navigate the challenges of traveling and pumping, and with the right mindset and preparation, you can too. Safe travels!

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