3 Ultimate Utah Fall Leaves & Hot Springs Road Trips

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Combining your search for the changing fall leaves and dreamy Utah hot springs may just be the best road trip you take! Here are 3 Ultimate Utah Fall Leaves & Hot Springs Road Trips!

There are so many different Utah road trips that could include Zion National Park, Mirror Lake Highway, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and even Cedar City. However, these are the three top road trips that you can do in a day or a weekend trip where you can also enjoy hot springs along the way!

Utah Fall Leaves Road Trip

Best Time To See Leaves In Utah 2019

When is the best time to travel in Utah in order to see fall leaves? The season differs from year to year but you can usually count on seeing the peak in the last week of September to the first week of October. You can check the fall foliage forecast by using this interactive map to ensure you catch the peak colors!

Use our Google Map!

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Fall Foliage & Hot Springs Near Salt Lake City

Road Trip #1- Big Cottonwood Canyon-Midway-

Road Trip #1 will be most enjoyed by people living in Salt Lake City because it can easily be done in a day. You’re welcome to start anywhere along this map, but, I believe the best place to start would be Big Cottonwood Canyon. Along this drive from Salt Lake to Brighton, you’ll be driving through the Wasatch-Cache National Forest where the fall leaves will be incredible.

The next part of your road trip with be on Pine Canyon Drive to Midway, Utah. Before reaching Midway, you’ll get to the Wasatch Mountain State Park. I recommend stopping to stretch your legs, take in the views, and do a little more leaf peeping.

Utah Fall Leaves Road Trip

In Midway, you’ll stop for the first hot spring along this Utah fall drive! Homestead Crater is a “geothermal spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock located on the Homestead property.” It’s a must-see while visiting Midway!

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This would be a good time to mention that if you want to turn this day trip to a weekend getaway, you should stay in Midway! Our top three locations would be the Homestead Resort, the Zermatt Resort, or the WorldMark Midway.

On the next part of your drive, you’ll really enjoy the autumn colors. The road will take you next to Deer Creek Reservoir on your way to the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. If you hit Provo Canyon, you’ve gone too far. You’ll take the scenic byway all the way to Sundance, Utah and then continue onto the the entrance of American Fork Canyon.

You’ve been driving for a good part of the day by now. And maybe you even got in a hike at the Wasatch Mountain State Park. So now it’s time for another soak in the Saratoga Hot Springs near Inlet Park! Here’s additional details for that Utah hot spring. This would be the perfect place to end the night and watch sunset along Utah lake.

Fall Leaves & Hot Springs Near Provo

Utah Road Trip #2

Road Trip #2 is great Utah fall leaves road trip for those that live in Provo or south of Provo. This road trip is all about the scenic Nebo Loop. Which if you don’t know, is a photographer’s dream during autumn with all the fall leaves!

This byway crosses the Uinta National Forest between the cities of Nephi and Payson. It climbs to over 9,000 feet in elevation and provides breathtaking views of Utah valley, the Wasatch Mountains and 11,928-foot Mount Nebo.”

Once you’ve finished exploring the Nebo Loop, I would end the road trip by taking a dip in Fifth Water Hot Springs. It does require a bit of hike so keep in mind what time you plan on arriving. For confident hikers, sitting in these hot springs during sunset is amazing. You’ll just have to pack the adequate night hiking gear to get back down from the mountain.

Fall Foliage & Hot Springs in Central Utah

Utah Road Trip #3

This fall road trip is perfect for those that are looking to explore more of central Utah. I would first start at Meadow Hot Springs (sometimes called Fillmore Hot Springs) for a morning soak. There are two different hot pools to choose from with plenty of room for your whole crew.

Once you’re finished soaking, you’re off to see some fall colors by driving toward southern Utah but stopping at Beaver Utah and turning onto UT153. Driving the Tushar Plateau on this 40-mile drive is incredibly beautiful! UT 153 connects Beaver and Junction Utah which means you get to drive through Fishlake National Forest.

Utah Fall Leaves Road Trip

After enjoying the Southern end of the Fishlake National Forest you’ll point your vehicle toward Monroe, Utah! Never heard of Monroe, UT? Well you’re in luck. This flower-child town has not only one, but two hot springs!

Mystic Hot Springs is a red-rock oasis. Where for $15, you can soak in these vintage tubs with piped natural hot spring water. Get the directions to the hidden, free, and natural hot spring near Mystic Hot Springs by subscribing below!


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I hope you enjoy these three Utah Fall Leaves Road Trips (plus hot springs)!

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