Omaha, Nebraska -

Omaha, Nebraska

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The Underrated City You Should Visit

Omaha Nebraska is not really a town someone thinks of when they are thinking of a weekend get away. Honestly, when I first found out that we would be driving through that town I thought it would be a quick stop to see family and then be on our way. This town surprised us so much and I can’t wait to show you all that this city offers. This is a quick guide to Omaha if you only have 24-48 hours to explore.

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48 Hour Guide to Omaha, Nebraska

I won’t write out an hour by hour itinerary for you so you can decide how you want to juggle your trip. Instead, I’ll show all the top sites and you can decide how you want to order them!

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is consistently ranked one of the top zoos in the WORLD! Arrive right at 9am so you can beat the crowds. As we were driving to the zoo we witnessed the largest school children line that snaked from the elementary school all the way to the zoo. We quickly parked and ran in to beat all the kids (yeah, we’re not competitive at all  😉  ).

Although we arrived on a huge school field trip day we hardly ran into many large groups due to the size of the zoo! You won’t be able to see it all during the day so here are the top exhibits that you should stop by and see- Susan and Walter Scott Aquarium, Desert Dome, and Lied Jungle. You can find all the different exhibits located on their website.

Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen Gardens is a 100 acre property with over 15 different types of gardens and exhibits. It costs $10 to get in and I would recommend getting the $3 tram ride that will take you around the park (who has time to walk the whole 100 acres). Not trying to tell you how to live your life but I think visiting in the morning or evening time would be ideal so you can avoid walking through the hot summer sun. If you need more information you can visit them here.

Old Market

Old Market is one of the most historic districts that provides plenty of entertainment and good eats. The cobblestone streets contribute to the old time charm along with the adorable antique shops and unique restaurants. Find a parking spot along the streets and enjoy and you walk up and down the old portion of the city.

While you are exploring keep you eyes peeled for the Old Market Passageway. It connects two separate warehouses and provides a beautiful art gallery along with an amazing chocolate shop. This would be a great time to stop for a lunch and sit out on the restaurants’ patio people watching as you eat an amazing meal.

Heartland of America Park

Heartland of America Park is located across the street from Old Market and would be a great spot to walk off a heavy lunch. In the middle of the park is a giant fountain that spews water up to 320 feet! From the far side of the park you get an amazing view of the Omaha skyline. We bought cheap pizzas one evening and found a nice grassy spot away from the hissing geese and watched the fountains spray water. Here is a map of the park if you are planning a visit.

Gene Leahy Mall

Don’t make the mistake that I made when I heard about this place…it’s not a shopping mall rather a 10 acre park and boy it’s beautiful and worth a visit! Go during sunset so you can get an awesome view of the setting sun behind the cityscape. You may have to chase off a couple of hissing geese but it’s worth it!

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