The Complete Guide To The Great Chamber / Cutler Cove Near Kanab, UT [Escalante Region] -

The Complete Guide To The Great Chamber / Cutler Cove Near Kanab, UT [Escalante Region]

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The Great Chamber is found near Kanab, Utah in the Grand Staircase Escalante Region. This adventure would be perfect as part of your next trip to Kanab, UT. We were able to visit this site thanks to Discover Kanab!

Photography Tips For The Great Chamber

Cutler Cove (The Great Chamber) is a photographer’s paradise! Whether you have a professional camera (here’s my favorite), a go pro, or simply your phone, you’ll be able to capture incredible images here!

What type of camera should I bring?

I won’t tell you what type of camera that you should bring with you, but I will say that if you are using a lens, you’ll need a wide angle lens to capture the entire scene.

I recommend shooting the scene at 16mm (or around that). My lens that I had only went down to 24mm and I couldn’t get the full arch of the cove. Luckily, my friend had a great wide angle lens that she was able to capture the entire scene with.

When To Visit The Great Chamber

I’m sure anytime of the year would be a great time to visit. However, here are a few of my recommendations. If you are visiting during the summer, the afternoons can get scorching hot. If you don’t want to deal with the heat, visit early in the morning or later in the evening.

If you are visiting during the winter, make sure to check with your tour guide how the roads are (there is a slight chance that they’ll be covered in snow) and if they will feel comfortable taking you out there in those conditions.

What Type Of Vehicle You Need

In order to get here you’ll need a high-clearance, 4WD vehicle that handles great in the sand and backroads. This is another reason why I 100% recommend hiring someone to take you out there.

On another jeep tour we took to peek-a-boo canyon, we ended up pulling two people (non-guides) out of the sandy trails because they weren’t prepared for the drive. They thought that because that they had an “adequate vehicle” they’d have no problem getting to their destination. And while I applaud the adventurous spirit, getting stuck driving to Cutler Cove could get dangerous very quickly.

Be safe and hire an experience guide to take you!

Hiking Tips

Once you reach the trailhead of the Great Chamber in Escalante region, you’ll need to hike .25 miles to the actual cave. The hike is uphill and the last section is straight sand.

I hiked this 5 months pregnant and was able to make it to the top but that’s not to say that we didn’t take several breaks during the uphill climb. You don’t need to be a professional hiker to reach the top, just know that it’s not simply a flat path to the entrance.

You’ll be hiking through sand a good portion of your trip so I would recommend wearing an outdoor sandal. Socks and tennis shoes will just end up being filled with sand.

What To Pack When Visiting Cutler Cove

First and foremost, water! Don’t forget this at home. Especially if you’ll be out during the day under the hot sun.

The next thing that you’ll need is some sort of camera. Trust me, you’ll want to capture this adventure!

Lastly, bring sun block, a sun hat and clothes that can cover up vulnerable areas that are easily burnt as the trail is not shaded at all.

There are plenty of other safety equipment that you should have while adventuring in such a remote place, but your tour guide will have all of that prepared for those just in case moments.

Location of the Great Chamber in Utah

I won’t be sharing the GPS coordinates for the Great Chamber in this article for several reasons. First, I honestly don’t have the exact location because we went with an amazing tour guide! Second, I think that it’s important to support local businesses and that includes tour companies in this case. Lastly, this can turn out to be a dangerous trip if you’re not experienced, prepared and have a great vehicle to get there.

With that said, if you want to visit this incredible spot (which you totally should), I would go with Reece from Discover Kanab!

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