Why You Don’t Need An Instagram Husband To Take Amazing Travel Photos [Complete Guide]

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While traveling, you are pressured to come home with plenty of cheap souvenirs that end up at the bottom of your closet. Instead, why don’t you leave your vacation with the best, free souvenir of all? Epic travel photos! Here’s how to get one WITHOUT an instagram husband-

Why you don't need an instagram husband to take amazing travel photos

What Is an Instagram Husband?

There are a lot of descriptions for Instagram husbands or instagram boyfriends. Some include a human selfie stick, a glorified tripod, your personal instagram partner, etc. You get the picture. If not, check out this hilarious video below to get a better idea of what I’m talking about!

But, what if you don’t have an instagram husband/boyfriend? Or what if *gasp* your partner doesn’t actually like taking your pictures 24/7? Or lastly, what if you wan’t to be responsible for taking your own amazing travel photos instead of depending on someone else?

Then this guide on Why You Don’t Need An Instagram Husband To Take Amazing Travel Photos is for you!

Why You Don’t Need An Instagram Husband To Take Amazing Travel Photos

I think a lot of people rely on others (instagram husbands included) to take their photos for them. It can be really limiting because that means they always have to travel with you, be ready to take your photos, and even be willing to spend time doing so.

Instead of making others take your travel pics, take matters into your own hands! It is 100% possible to get your own travel photos.

In fact, most of the photos that you see on my Instagram Feed are a result of me taking them by myself. Below you’ll find more information on how to take those travel photos without an instagram husband or instagram boyfriend!

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How To Take Amazing Travel Photos With Your Phone

Don’t have a camera to take your travel photos? No problem! Almost everyone today has a smart phone they carry around. There are a couple of strategies that you can use.

Fall Creek Falls, Idaho. Best waterfall in eastern Idaho
  • First Option- If you just want to use a phone and buy no additional items, then you’ve got to get creative! Find a spot to set your phone that will provide the best perspective for your photo. I’ve seen people set their phones on boulders, brick walls, staircases, etc. Then set your timer and run into place!
  • Second Option– Use your phone with a timer. This makes it so you are not having to constantly run back and forth. Unless, you are looking to multi-task and get a work-out in at the same time.
  • Third Option- This is my favorite option. Use a phone, timer, and phone tripod! This amazing trifecta will ensure that you get amazing travel photos, while protecting your phone.

Looking for tips and tricks on how to best use your device? Here’s a guide on how to take better phone photos.

How To Take Amazing Travel Pictures With A Camera

When purchasing a camera, I knew that I would be taking a lot of my own travel photos. I also knew that I did not want to rely on the timer or worse, run back and forth after every click.

The essentials that you will need are a camera, timer/app, and a tripod! Check out this guide to learn about the best camera gear for traveling!

So when buying a camera, it was so important that I find one that had built-in wifi. Cue my amazing Canon camera! This amazing travel camera has been with me for the first year and has been instrumental is allowing me to take those creative travel shots due to their built-in wifi that connects to an app of my phone.

The Canon 6D mark ii was my second camera that I purchased after couple of years of shooting. If that is out of your budget at this time, my first canon camera was incredible and also had built-in wifi!

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Why A Tripod Is Better Than A Human Selfie Stick (AKA Instagram Husband)

Whenever I know that I will be traveling somewhere that deserves a great travel photo, I ALWAYS bring my tripod. Even if my husband, friends, or another photographer will be joining me. My tripod is always a must. Why?

A couple of reasons include that I can take as long (or as little) as I want getting my perfect shot. If I am taking more complex shots and need the camera to be really steady, a tripod is much better than a human.

Lastly, sometimes it probably gets annoying for those traveling with you to always take your photos. Take it upon yourself to get those amazing travel photos rather than depending on other people.

Want to see a step-by step video of how I personally take my travel photos with my tripod, camera, and phone app while I was visiting Delicate Arch in Utah? Then watch this video! {I apologize in advance for my awkwardness in front of the camera}

Ask People Around You

Every once in a while when it’s not ideal to set up a tripod, I will simply just ask someone to take the picture. And no, I don’t simply hand them my phone or camera and rely on them to get the shot that I’m thinking of. Here’s what I do-

  • Find someone that looks like they know what they’re doing (do they have their own camera strapped around their neck? Probably a good bet).
  • Prepare all of the settings needed on your phone or camera (set the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, etc.)
  • Without being super picky, describe how you are wanting the shot to look
  • PRO TIP- Find a group that is trying to get a group photo and offer to take one of them. After, it’s easier to ask them to also take your photo. They usually offer afterwards, anyway.
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Use a Local Photography Service

There are some world trips that are just so special that they deserved to be captured by a professional. For example, when Steve and I went to Europe shortly after we were married we were marking off a huge bucket list item.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take the time to get a nice photo that we could hang after we returned home. (although we still cherish all our selfies that we took if front of the Eiffel Tower).

Don’t make the same mistake that we did and hire a professional photographer on your next vacation! Flytographer has some pretty amazing services and produce great images for you and your travel buddies. Use code FLY25 for $25 off their first booking with Flytographer!

I hope these tips and tricks help you get amazing travel photos without needing an instagram husband! And to all of you instagram husbands out there- you’re welcome for this guide 😉

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