Satisfy wanderlust WITHOUT a plane ticket

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Hi, our names are Steve and Jess and we are travel addicts. WHEW! Got that out of the way. Now that we are acquaintedÂ đŸ˜‰Â let me explain how to satisfy wanderlust without having to buy a plane ticket! It’s not always possible for us to be on the road 24/7, we have other goals that we are working towards. However, WANDERLUST does not go away! Honestly, after each place we visit it just keeps getting stronger and stronger (like my addiction to chocolate after trying out Mrs. Fields cookies). So how do you satisfy your craving to explore, sight see, adventure…? You explore what is around you!

I’m convinced every place on the globe can be interesting, exciting, and cool to explore. I hope I am not the only one guilty of dreaming about having great adventures on the other side of the globe while totally neglecting the beautiful area around me. I have made an increased effort to truly appreciate what is in front of me. But what to do when you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your options? I’ve got some tips for you!

Check out Instagram to see what others are doing in your area! Every place/city/state usually has a trending Instagram hashtag or account that highlights other peoples’ travel photos in that area. I found a not so well known hot springs only 40 mins from me by using this strategy đŸ™‚

On Facebook there is an events tab where it will generate upcoming events near your location. Take advantage of those events! Those are usually new experiences and chances to make new friends and explore.

Expand your radius. You might have to make it a weekend trip and drive a couple of hours more but hey, no one said traveling was quick and easy, right? We live in the same state as some fantastic national parks but that still means we have to drive 4+ hours to get there. We make it a fun weekend getaway!

….Google Maps. I hesitate to share this one because I understand there is a difference between being physically somewhere rather than virtual reality. But if you have been stuck inside because of bad weather, sickness, etc. it is sometimes fun fly over the Colosseum in Rome or admire the beautiful buildings in London.

Ask for recommendations! People are more than happy to share memorable experiences and give helpful tips.

Hope these tips help satisfy your wanderlust, because it can’t ever be extinguished…nor should it be!


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