Top 10 Outdoor Adventures in Oahu [Ultimate Guide] -

Top 10 Outdoor Adventures in Oahu [Ultimate Guide]

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6. Electric Beach

We were told about this gem before we arrived on the island as the best place to snorkel! And that it was.

This was the second beach that we visited on the island and we were not only excited to play in the waves (because they were the perfect body boarding size) but also to get out past the waves and observe some beautiful fish. We were also told that this is the spot to see dolphins! 

Because of the Electric Power Plant nearby, the water is warmer and attracts all sorts of sea-life. You’ll either want to rent some googles, snorkel, fins, and a life jacket to spend the day on this beach.

Or, consider buying some before you arrive on the island. I also highly recommend having water shoes with you for the beach, it can be quite rocky.

If you are going to plan on using this gear more than one day, it’s worth it to just purchase it yourself because renting can be pricey.

7. Kayenta Point

The next items on our Top Outdoor Adventures in Oahu list is Kayenta Point. This had to be the most beautiful drive on the entire island. I am sure all times of the day are great, but a sunset drive along this road is a must!

Kayenta Point is the furtherest you can drive on the west side of the island. It provides spectacular views for all those who are up for the trip. There are several pull-out spots along the route that make for a great photo-op.

8. Makaha Beach

You’ll also want to stop at Makaha Beach to watch the sun go down. All the locals agree that this is the favorite beach to watch the sunset.

There are quite a few signs warning that it is a high theft area. So, make sure you lock your cars and don’t take too many valuable items with you. We never ran into a problem.

9. Dole Plantation

Chances are if you are making the trip up to North Shore, you’ll drive past the Dole Plantation. While we didn’t purchase any tours, we did enjoy two dole whips together in the shade.

For me, this was just a tad bit touristy so I personally wouldn’t recommend spending too much time here. Rather, take a moment to walk around the grounds, get a treat, and then continue on to your next adventure.

10. Kailua Beach/ Lankai Beach

These have to be the most family-friendly beaches that we experienced during our trip. Beautiful expanses of soft sand are unmarred by any rocks.

Which makes it easy to get in without any water shoes on! It was relatively quiet (besides the weekend) and had plenty of space to spread out.

We personally liked Kailua Beach a little better. But, Lankai was a quick walk to get to when we wanted a change of scenery. Parking is sparse, so get here early or you may find yourself walking a bit after parking.

The solution to the parking problem? Stay at Kailua Beach Properties and you can literally take a 1-minute walk from your cottage to the beach. Score! 

Bonus- Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail

The last on our list of the top outdoor adventures in Oahu is the famous lighthouse trail! After lounging all day, we decided to burn off some calories by conquering the Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail.

This relatively short hike is family-friendly with its paved path. However, it is uphill the entire time so come in the morning or evening to avoid the heat.

The entire time you’ll be rewarded with killer views but the best has got to be from the very top! Once you’re done and sweaty,  take a dip in the Makapuu Tide pools!

I hope you are able to get to a least of couple items on this Top Outdoor Adventures in Oahu list!

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