The Best Couples Getaway In Iowa [Complete Guide]

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Whether you want to visit Okoboji, Iowa for a babymoon, a romantic getaway or an adventurous vacation, this city has something for everyone. Here’s a complete guide of what to do, where to eat, and what hotel to stay at!

okoboji, Iowa sunset

Amazing Babymoon Destination In The Midwest

We went to Okoboji to celebrate a babymoon which is a trip parents take before the birth of a child.

Watch this 30 second video clip to get inspired to book your next trip to Okoboji, Iowa!

What To Do In Okoboji Iowa

Rent a boat from Okoboji Boat Works

One of our favorite things to do in Okoboji was boating on the lake. Okoboji Boat Works totally saved the day by having boats conveniently located right in their marina to rent. There is no need to have a truck and accessories that you typically would need in order to enjoy a day on the water.

boat rental from Okoboji boat works in Iowa

We enjoyed cruising in one of their powerboats but if you have a larger party, they also have pontoons that you can rent. The summer bookings can fill up quickly so make sure you plan ahead!

Don’t feel comfortable renting a boat but still want to enjoy the area? Book one of their public cruises including a sunset and fireworks option, a family-friendly siesta cruise, or even the famous ‘Shake the Lake’ cruises that happen every Saturday. Don’t miss out on this activity while exploring Okoboji!

boat rental from Okoboji boat works in Iowa

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Go Golfing At Brooks Golf

There are several different golf courses in the area but I would totally recommend booking a tee time at Brooks Golf Club! I don’t have much experience golfing, but Steve sure does and said that this one of the best courses he’s golfed at for a couple of reasons.

golf cart at Brooks Golf Club in Okoboji Iowa

First, the course is big enough that there is enough space for all golfers to spread out and not feel like you’re being rushed by someone behind. Second, it’s downright gorgeous! They do an incredible job at maintaining the grounds.

Lastly, the golf carts were high quality and even had attached monitors that help guide you to the next hole. 10/10 would recommend for a perfect activity in Okoboji, Iowa!

golf cart at Brooks Golf Club in Okoboji Iowa

Rent A Polaris Slingshot From Okoboji Motor Sports

This next activity is for all you thrill-seekers! We rented a Polaris Slingshot from Okoboji Motor Sports and loved cruising the streets of Okoboji. The only thing that I would have done differently is planned this activity first instead of last so we could have gotten a better sense of the entire city right from the get-go!

Polaris slingshot from okoboji motor sports in iowa

The ride is incredibly smooth and I felt safe the entire time. Although I didn’t drive, Steve assured me that he felt like most people could handle the vehicle as it’s very intuitive.

The slingshots are street legal so you could spend an entire day if you wanted touring the city. A few of our favorites areas that we drove through was the Arnold’s Park area and all along Lakeshore Drive.

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Go Shopping!

Don’t leave Okoboji without exploring their boutique shops that are located all over the city! My personal favorite store was Boat House Apparel. I am so glad that we stopped here on the first day of our trip because I was able to pick up an adorable sweatshirt that read, “Okoboji- The Hamptons of Iowa” that I wore throughout the remainder of the trip!

Boat House Apparel in Okoboji, Iowa

I love this store because not only is it locally owned, but also female owned & operated! So whether you’re on the hunt for tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, and more… Boat House Apparel is for you!

Boat House Apparel in Okoboji, Iowa

Take A Bike Ride Around Town

We stayed at The Inn Hotel (more on that later) and really enjoyed the complimentary bikes they offered to explore the area. Whether you stay at The Inn Hotel or not, I would totally recommend either bringing or renting bikes for a leisurely morning ride taking in all the sites.

A few places that would be neat to bike to would be Arnold’s Park, the Abbie Gardner Cabin, and along Lakeshore Drive.

bikes at The Inn Hotel in Okoboji, Iowa

Enjoy A Live Performance

If you vacation in Okoboji during the summer, chances are you’ll visit on a day during a live music event. And the great thing is there isn’t just one venue that these occur at. A few popular spots include the Barefoot Bar, Arnold’s Park Plaza, The Garden’s, and Captains Getaway. Here’s a current calendar of all performance and nightlife events.

Live music performance in okoboji, Iowa

Additional Things To Do In Okoboji, Iowa

There was no way that we were going to be able to see and do it all over our extended weekend in Okoboji. So, here are a few other things we would’ve liked to do if there was more time!

Where To Stay in Okoboji, Iowa

Hands down the best place to stay in Okoboji is The Inn Hotel! Instead of writing extensive paragraphs about how this was one of the best, luxury boutique hotels that we’ve stayed at, I’ll let the following list do the talking!

The Inn Hotel in Okoboji Iowa
  • spacious rooms with incredibly comfortable beds
  • pool
  • kind and accommodating staff
  • attention to detail
  • ideal location right next to Arnold’s Park and near the lake
  • beautiful and unique decor
  • on-site restaurant (The Beach Club)
  • Pool deck with lounge chairs

I hope you enjoy your stay at The Inn Hotel as much as we did! You can book your stay here.

Where To Eat in Okoboji, Iowa

The Beach Club

There are so many places to eat in Okoboji but my favorite location was the Beach Club, conveniently located at The Inn Hotel. This restaurant is where “lake life meets Havana high life” and is the best combination you never knew you needed!

The Beach Club in Okoboji Iowa

The Cuban-American food was so heavenly the first evening we ate there that we had to come back for lunch the next day. Our favorites include the Street Tacos, the Cuban Salmon, and the Creole Pasta. You can also enjoy their hand crafted cocktails while vibing to the Cuban Jazz music playing in the background.

Additional Restaurants In Okoboji, Iowa

Here’s a list of a few other places that we really enjoyed!

  • Okoboji Store- Waterfront bar + grill
  • O’Farrell Sisters- Get the cinnamon roll!
  • Portside Pizza Pub- one of the best margherita pizzas I’ve had
  • The Nutty Bar Stand- great ice cream after a long day on the lake
  • Nektar- offers fresh-pressed juices, espresso drinks, REAL fruit smoothies, and baked treats

I hope you have an incredible vacation in Okoboji, Iowa! Whether you are going there for a babymoon, romantic getaway, or even a family trip, I know that you’ll have an incredible time.

Babymoon destination in the midwest (okoboji, Iowa)

A big thank you to the Inn Hotel, Okoboji Boat Works, Polaris Adventures, and Brooks Golf for hosting us! All opinions remain my own.

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