5 Practical Ways You Can Save Money in London -

5 Practical Ways You Can Save Money in London

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London, England was one of those cities that completely surprised me. It was our first stop on our extensive Europe tour and I’ll be honest, I was more interested in our stops in Paris and Rome than in the United Kingdom.

However, that all changed as soon as we landed! The people, food, and history was incredible. What wasn’t that incredible? The prices! It was our first time abroad and we hadn’t quite prepared for how expensive things were going to be.

However, we used these 5 practical ways to save money in London and they helped us not break the bank:

Five Practical Way to Save Money in London!

5 Practical Ways You Can Save Money In London (UK):

  • Don’t spend a lot of money using taxis, ubers, etc. Purchase a hop on hop off bus pass! You will get to see all of the highlights to London without dropping $20 bucks every-time you want to see something new. Although you can walk around in London, you can’t possibly do so if you want to see the top attractions. There are a lot of different tours to choose from but because of an awesome groupon deal, we went with The Original Bus Tour. So before purchasing a tour directly from a website, check groupon!
  • Use Airbnb. This is a perfect way to really connect to the city and local culture. We absolutely loved the hospitality that we were shown and not to mention a home cooked breakfast was a great way to kick off the day. Need a little more convincing? Here is a $55 dollar coupon to help you save that much more!
Five Practical Way to Save Money in London!
  • If your airbnb does not offer breakfast, make sure to get one that comes with a kitchen. That way you can go to the local bakery or grocery store and stock up on food that you can cook yourselves. What we tried to do was cook our own food 2 meals a day and eat out once a day.
  • There will be so many souvenirs on every street corner to buy. A lot of tourist are tempted to purchase so many items to later stuff in their suitcases and eventually end up in a box in storage at home. So to avoid those high costs for things that won’t get used afterwards, we buy postcards! Usually less than a $1 but it serves as a good reminder of where we have been.
Five Practical Way to Save Money in London!
  • Save on transportation to/from the airport- The cheapest way was buying online ahead of time, the prices jump the week of. We really enjoyed our Easybus experience. The ride did take a little longer than a private shuttle, but we saved over $200 this way! It also provided us a perfect opportunity to take a little nap after a redeye flight.

Looking for the best photo spots while in London? Here’s a complete guide to help you!

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