5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Lodo District On Your Next Denver Trip -

5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Lodo District On Your Next Denver Trip

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Lodo district
Photo Courtesy- lodo.org

Steve and I flew to Denver for a weekend getaway and were thrilled that we got to experience the Lodo District! This neighborhood is one of Denver’s oldest business districts and seen everything from “Colorado’s gold rush, the industrial era, skid row, and finally urban revitalization.” With that vibrant history, we knew that this area had much to offer. Here are 5 reasons why you need to visit the Lodo District on your next Denver trip!


I listed the food as my #1 reason why you need to visit the Lodo District because the restaurants we ate at absolutely blew me away! I’ve never seen so much variety in just a single neighborhood. I’m convinced that you can eat out every single night for an entire month in Lodo and never have to go to the same restaurant twice. To keep this article short, here are my top two food recommendations within the Lodo District. You can find a list of Lodo Denver restaurants here.

Kachina Cantina

Kachina Cantina is a “free-spirited, modern cantina providing an escape in the LoDo district of Denver. Kachina’s inspiration is found in the Four Corners region of Southwest America and Baja Mexico.”

They are best known for their unique spin on fry bread tacos where they actually got the recipe, and blessing, from a Navajo tribe in New Mexico! Indeed, I can attest to the authenticity of these delicious tacos as I actually was made fry bread tacos while on a Navajo tour in Monument Valley area.

Folks, the tacos that you’ll find at Kachina Cantina are out of this world! Don’t forget to order an appetizer of platanos y creama, too.

Lodo District Denver- Kachina Cantina

Wynkoop Brewing Co.

Wynkoop Brewing Co. does an excellent job at not only quenching your thirst, but also satisfying your appetite! In addition to their impressive 40 different styles of beers offering, their pub food is another reason to drop by.

Our waiter recommended the spicy chicken sandwich and his advice did not disappoint! We also really enjoyed their homemade potato soup, mac & cheese and their unique take on pretzels with cheese dip. The friendly atmosphere was just the cherry on top of this wonderful restaurant.


The location is ideal for visitors because it’s surrounded with hotels, restaurants and attractions. Which is why location is #2 on this list of why you need to visit the Lodo District!

You’ll find the Lodo District between the Highland, Auraria, Five Points and Central Business Districts on this Lodo Denver map below. This bustling, downtown neighborhood is a fan-favorite of tourists and locals alike.

Lodo District- Denver map
Photo Courtesy- Lodo.org

3.Great Hotels

I’d recommend staying right in the Lodo district because you’ll find reasonable prices on night stays and you’ll be within walking distance to all the points of interest!

Some popular hotels include the Kimpton Hotel, the Crawford Hotel, and the Westin Hotel. You can check out a full listing of hotels within the Denver Lodo District here.

4.Convenient Transportation Options

The ease of navigating this neighborhood is also part of these top 5 reasons to visit the Lodo District. You have several different ways that you can get around this area including walking, taking the Free MallRide, Free MetroRide, renting a bike from Denver B-Cycle, or renting a scooter from companies like Lime or Bird.

Most of these options are free or inexpensive, making it easy to save money on transportation…and spend it on more food!

Lodo district free mallride
Photo Courtesy- RTD-Denver.com

5.Famous Sites/Landmarks To See

This vibrant neighborhood is in fact, one of Denvers’ oldest districts. There are quite a few fascinating landmarks and important places to see that it might be impossible to do it all in just a single weekend.

However, if you’re looking for a few suggestions, my favorite Denver attractions that can be found in this neighborhood include Union Station, Larimer Square, 16th Street Mall, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Commons Park.

Lodo District Union Station
Photo Courtesy- Denver.org

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