How To Create An Epic Travel Video With No Video Experience Or Fancy Gear [Video Tutorial] -

How To Create An Epic Travel Video With No Video Experience Or Fancy Gear [Video Tutorial]

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Looking to create an amazing travel video for your next vacation? Well I’ve got the perfect tutorial for you today! I don’t have any videography experience nor fancy gear but I’ve been able to create these incredible travel videos that I’ve loved sharing with my family and even on social media.

What You’ll Learn In This Video Tutorial

  • What you need
  • How to film it
  • A FREE list of epic transitions
  • How to edit it
  • Where to find free background music
  • Helpful tips for posting your travel video on social media

How To Access The Tutorial

Tap the “Access Now” button below to purchase this inexpensive tutorial (only $7)! You’ll get a pdf with access to the video course that is password protected along with a bonus list of cool transitions!

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Why These Travel Videos Are Great

  1. Awesome travel memory- photos are great but videos are amazing!
  2. Great way to show your trip in a short amount of time (we’ve all got shorter attention spans these days)
  3. They are a fun way to share your trip to your friends and family on social media
  4. If you’re an influencer, tourism boards and partners love these videos as they can showcase their area in a fun and positive light

What You Need

Like promised, all you need is either a gopro or an iphone to film your travel video- no expensive gear required! When it comes to editing, I personally like to use a computer but if you don’t have access to one, there are plenty of video apps that will help you edit it!

A list of the top video editing apps is shared in the video. Free and paid options are presented!

How To Film It

Okay, now that you’ve got your gear, it’s time to start filming! You don’t need any previous videography experience at all. In fact, if you’ve hit record on your phone in the past to film a moment, you’re more than capable of capturing amazing footage! I’ll share a few tricks in the video that really have helped me capture incredible videos during my travels for these types of travel videos.

List of Cool Transitions

Transitions happen between two different scenes and are a critical part of creating this style of travel video. Sometimes it’s hard coming up with transitions, especially if this is your first time making this type of video! With the download of this tutorial, you’ll also be gifted a FREE transitions cheat-sheet that can aid you while figuring out the perfect transition between scenes.

How To Edit It

Although I love shooting the footage, perhaps my favorite part comes after the trip and I get to piece together my travel video! Within the tutorial, I’ll share a list of the top editing (both free and paid) and how to go about creating your final masterpiece. Don’t worry- all of these programs are easy to use and learn!

Where To Find Background Music

Background music can totally take your travel video to the next level! In fact, I mute all of my sound from my actual footage and only use a background song to help tell the story of the trip.

Picking the perfect song is crucial for travel video and the type of story that you want to tell. Did you take a romantic getaway with your sweetheart? Or how about an adventure getaway with some of your best friends? The background song choice will help in conveying the type of emotion that you hope to evoke from your audience.

Helpful Tips For Posting On Different Social Media Channels

Lastly, within the tutorial I will share the optimal sizes for posting on social media channels. You’ll want to make sure you size correctly depending on whether you plan on posting your travel video to facebook, youtube, instagram, or maybe even all of them!

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