8 Reasons Why You Should Finally Take that Road Trip -

8 Reasons Why You Should Finally Take that Road Trip

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Have you been planning a specific road trip for some time now but haven’t been able to pull the trigger? I’ve got 8 reasons for you today about why you should finally take that road trip!

We’ve taken a lot of road trips over the past year. In fact, apart from driving around the whole state of Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. We took a cross country road trip from Utah to New York and stopped at every possible spot along the way. Our most memorable road trip though happened in March 2019 and is one that I want to share with you before I get to my 8 reasons.

We decided to take our first RV trip this year because we were tired of driving far distances in our small little vehicle. Trust me, having the right vehicle during a road trip is essential or it can make the trip seem like a “hurry and get there” rather than an “enjoy the journey” type of ride.

We started digging around trying to find the perfect option for us. Since it was only two of us and we didn’t feel comfortable driving around an oversized RV for a week, we lucked out by finding a company called Jucy Rentals.

Here's why you should take that roadtrip

Jucy Rentals

What immediately caught my attention was that they were MINI RV rentals. Sweet! Just what we were looking for. Their famous tagline is “This Jucy RV comes with everything including the kitchen sink!” And it really did.

The RV included a fridge, two gas stoves, and a sink. Our van also slept up to four with two double beds. One in the actual RV and the other in the penthouse. While the beds are not set up you can access a table which was perfect for meal stops and even the occasional card game.

We picked up our Jucy Rental in Las Vegas and returned it a week later after visiting amazing National Parks in Utah and sites in Arizona. It handled so well throughout the duration of the drive and provided us with a week full of memories. If you are thinking about taking a road trip, we totally recommend Jucy Rentals!

Here's why you should take that roadtrip

Below are quite a few reasons that I’ve personally been able to experience over the last two years by taking road trips. I believe that each and every one of us can look at the list and find something that we would like to experience as a result of finally taking that road trip!

Reasons to finally take that road trip:

1. Life never slows down.

Seriously, each year just seems to go by faster and faster. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take that road trip that you’ve dreamed of.

2. It’s important to make memories with those around you.

Memories last, money does not.

3. You bond more while in the car.

While surprising, it’s true.

4. You learn a lot more about each other with car conversations.

There’s plenty of lists on Pinterest about good car conversations/questions and we totally recommend downloading some before your trip.

5. Create stories that will be told for years to come.

When you’re telling your grandkids stories about your life it won’t be from the hours you spent sitting at a desk, it will be those precious moments that you spent exploring with loved ones.

6. Discover the unexpected.

Every time we take a road trip we learn something new about the history of an area usually by talking to the locals.

Kanab Tour Company

8. Experience a deeper sense of gratitude.

There are few things that will bring a deeper sense of gratitude to you than being out in nature. One of my top gratitude moments occurred while I was witnessing Horseshoe Bend in Arizona.

Whatever the reason, we urge you to finally take that road trip you’ve been dreaming about.

Thanks to JUCY for helping us make this road trip possible. Find out more at jucyusa.com and follow them on social media @Jucyworld! Although our trip was hosted by Jucy, all opinions remain our own.

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