Top Five Cheap Eats in Niagara Falls [Full Day Guide]

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Niagara Falls in stunning and on most peoples bucket list. However, most people don’t realize that this city is a tourist destination and consequently, can be very expensive. Save some money on food by enjoying these 5 top cheap eats in Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls

Cheap Eats in Niagara Falls-Breakfast

For breakfast time drive over to the Blue Line Cafe. It is run by Marcel Dionne’s daughter, famous retired NHL player. You’ll enjoy a hearty, cheap breakfast in a diner that’s filled with hockey memorabilia.

You’ll most likely run into Marcel who will be more than willing to take a picture with you and show you around his store that is connected to the Blue Line. Great food and great experience not to be missed while visiting Niagara Falls.

Cheap Eats in Niagara Falls- Lunch

While you’re on the Canada side of Niagara Falls you can’t miss ordering yourself a plate of poutine. I love my cheese fries but poutine takes my favorite comfort food and brings it to the next level!

The best place, in our humble opinion, was the poutine at the Flying Saucer. It’s a funky diner that is shaped like a UFO and decorated with sci-fi objects.

Take a break from eating burn off some calories by sightseeing!

After eating that hearty breakfast and the side of poutine it’s time to explore and walk off some of that amazing good. The best place to do so is at the Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens.

Entrance is free and you could spend hours getting lost in the amazing landscaping and architecture that the Gardens boast. Or you could take a break/power nap in the shade like we did 😂

Another spot to explore before dinner time would be the Queen Victoria Park and the Oakes Garden Theatre next. These parks are right along Niagara parkway which runs parallel to the falls. Walk off some of the calories here and enjoy the lovely weather and people watching.

Niagara Falls Park

Cheap Eats in Niagara Falls- Dinner

The next recommendation is going to sound crazy but trust us! You need to find Country Donuts and More and order the wonton soup! This is such a random meal to find in a bakery but the owner knows what she is doing and has been surprising customers for years.

Honestly, most people go there for the soup rather than the donuts (which are delicious too though). This place is open 24 hours so if you get a hankering for donuts are 2:30am… you know where to go.

Treats in Niagara Falls

Treat yourself to a beaver tail! Beaver Tails can be found in the Clifton Park area where a lot of family friendly attractions are located. Fried dough pastries are shaped like beaver tails and topped with delicious sauces and ingredients like nutella and chocolate peanut butter bites. You can design your own but I guarantee you can’t mess up this wonderful dessert!

The next place cheap eat for dessert in Niagara Falls is Italian Ice Cream. The place has gelato that will transport you to Italy, it’s that good! And for the very touristy area of Niagara Falls the prices are stellar. Worth stopping and getting a cone to try and beat the summer heat.

We hope you enjoy your time at Niagara Falls! Looking for things to do (besides just eating) while in Niagara Falls? Here’s a list of things to do on the U.S. side!

Niagara Falls

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