Baby Travel Essentials For 0-12 Month-Old Babies That Will Save Your Vacation -

Baby Travel Essentials For 0-12 Month-Old Babies That Will Save Your Vacation

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Here is a list of our must-have baby travel essentials for babies that are 01-12 months old! These baby travel items have saved our vacations and made them enjoyable for the entire family. So before you take your next family travel vacation, make sure you have some of these travel products packed and on your list!

This article will continually be updated as Briggs continues to grow and travel. At the time of this article, he is 6 months old.

Baby Bed By Baby Delight

When Briggs was 5 months and under, instead of using a travel crib, we used a travel bassinet. We bought a snuggle nest when he took his first trip across state lines at 2 months old and it was awesome! The Dream portable infant sleeper and it’s been a game-changer once we get to our destination and even during the travels.

We love that it folds up compact and has a handle, the fact that we could lay it down on the floor in our hotel room and he had a safe place to sleep, and that it was pretty inexpensive!

He was able to fit in this until he was 5 months old. This has been one of our favorite baby travel gear items that we’ve owned!


The next item on my baby packing list is the Slumberpod. I don’t go anywhere without it! I always wondered how I was going to let my baby sleep while I still get some work done while sharing the same hotel room. Enter the Slumberpod!

This is a bottomless portable privacy pod that provides babies a perfect place to sleep while traveling! It gets so dark in there, trust me, I’ve climbed in and checked, so it allows him to sleep deeply without the light waking him up.

It folds up pretty tightly so I can fit it in my large, checked bag when I fly. I also love that the setup is easy, I’ve done it by myself before! Use code PARTTIME20 for $20 off!

Baby Jogger Travel System

There are so many amazing travel systems out there but I’ve really loved our City Select Travel System by Baby Jogger. While Briggs still couldn’t sit up on his own, it was perfect because the car seat would just snap into the stroller making it easy to go from car to stroller.

When we travel I gate check both the stroller and carseat and then when I get to my destination I simply buckle the carseat into the car (you don’t need the base for it to work) and throw the stroller into the trunk. I leave the base of the carseat in my own car and don’t travel with it.

I’m so impressed with how versatile it is and the smooth ride that it provides. Even if you don’t go with this specific brand or model, I definitely recommend a travel system!

Halo Swaddles

We tried quite a few swaddles when Briggs was under 4 months but the ones that worked the best for him were the Halo Swaddles. We found that trying to recreate the same sleep conditions that he had from home while we were traveling helped him so much! I also made sure to have these when I started packing for a trip!

Merlin Sleep Suit

Babies are so much fun…unless they haven’t gotten enough sleep. Once Briggs started showing signs of rolling, we needed to take him out of the swaddles. We were really worry that it was going to throw off his good sleeping skills but that’s when we introduced him to Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. While it’s comical to see them in what appears to be a snowsuit, it helped him sleep after being so used to the swaddle. We made sure to pack this with us every time we traveled!

Baby Hats

There is nothing cuter than a baby in a hat! It is so critical to make sure babies’ heads are covered while they are young. In our cold-weather vacations, we really loved Slouch headwear and Cash & co beanies for Briggs. If we traveled where there was going to be sun, we always brought his Binkybro straw hat!

Be sure to read all about how to have a successful vacation with a baby in Florida!

Hotel Robe for Baby

This is obviously not a necessity but whenever we would travel to hotels they always provided comfy robes for Steve and me and I wanted Briggs to enjoy that luxury, too!haha So I found this baby robe from Carter’s and it’s been so fun to travel with!

Portable Sound Machines

A sound machine was a must on our travel products list! There are two different options that you can choose from. If it’s just an overnight trip or day trip, I like to bring a portable sound machine that doesn’t require me to plug into the wall like this one.

However, if I will be gone for multiple days, I just pack the typical sound machine that he has at home. I really like this one because it’s small enough to pack, doesn’t use batteries, and has a small light integrated into the machine.

Baby Lounger

The baby lounger was great to have when we got to our destination as a comfortable place for Briggs to play and relax, not necessarily sleep as these are not deemed safe for overnight stays.

The two most popular loungers are Dock a Tot and Snuggle Me. However, we were gifted this one from Amazon and it worked great for what we needed. I will say this is not a necessity on my baby travel essentials list, but, if you’re taking a road trip and have extra space this is always nice to bring along.

Baby Carrier

The next item on my baby packing list is a baby carrier! When he was a newborn, I really enjoyed the Baby K’tan. However, that wrap didn’t fit Steve so we starting using the Ergo Baby 360.

Travel Diapers

The next on this baby travel essentials list is diapers! We tested the Coterie Diapers because they claim to keep your baby drier for longer than the typical diaper. We’ve had blowouts that have happened at the most unfortunate times…like in the middle of a long flight or at a fancy restaurant.

Baby travel can be so much fun and rewarding, especially when trips go smoothly thanks to these baby travel essentials!

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