How To Avoid The Crowds At Yosemite National Park [Least Crowded Hike]

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Yosemite National Park is inspiring, dramatic, and eye-opening. People from all over the world visit this National Park because of its dramatic landscapes, incredible trails, and spectacular vistas. Consequently, Yosemite National Park can be very busy. Finding the least crowded trails can be a challenge (especially during the summer) when you still want to enjoy those famous Yosemite views. Here is the best hike for crowd-averse people to help you avoid the crowds at Yosemite National Park.

Avoid The Crowds At Yosemite National Park

Anybody that knows about Yosemite National Park has surely seen a photo of Tunnel View. This is by far the most famous panorama view that you’ll get in the entire park. And because of that popularity, it gets crowded! Tripods line the wall at sunrise and swarms of people fill it during the rest of the day. No joke, as I was taking in the view, I was told to move out of the way so someone could go ahead and get their Instagram shot.

Below is the least-crowded hike and the best way to avoid the crowds at Yosemite.

Artist Point Trail Is The Answer

Still want the view but to enjoy solitude instead of crowds? Artist Point is the spot for you!

photo courtesy of Mr.halfdome’s blog

Artist Point Trail-

The artist Point is a 2 mile round trip hike that begins at the Parking Lot for Tunnel View (you’ll just have to be patient in waiting for a spot). It’s a moderate hike that took us about 2 hours (that includes the 30 minutes we spent taking in the view. The trail is slightly difficult to follow. We got lost several times and had to backtrack in order to find the trail again. I HIGHLY encourage you to download the All Trails map because without it, we would have never made it to the end.

The first part of the trail is mostly lined with small boulders on either side. The second part of the trail deters a lot people because of the many fallen trees…don’t get discouraged, keep going! I love sunrise hikes, but because of the difficulty of the trail, I would recommend doing it during the day or at sunset so you at least have some light.

4 Yosemite Hikes With Guaranteed Incredible Views, Yosemite National Park. Best views include Artist Point, Cook's Meadow, Vernal Fall, and Mariposa Grove. #yosemite #nationalparks

In my opinion, Artist Point is superior to the Tunnel View Parking Lot view because you get to see more of Clouds Rest, Bridalveil Meadow, and the Merced River! And the best part? No crowds! We sat here for 30 minutes and only encountered one other couple quietly sitting and taking in the view.

Take the hike and experience Tunnel View in silence 🙂

Want to know about three more hikes with incredible views in Yosemite? You can find them here!

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