Adventurous Vacation in Tulum, Mexico With A Baby & Toddler (Where To Go & Tips)

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I can’t wait to share with you one of my favorite baby & toddler-friendly destinations…Tulum, Mexico! From exploring Sian Ka’an to diving into cenotes and chilling by the hotel pool, Tulum turned out to be a dream destination for a family getaway.

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1. Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

We visited Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, and oh boy, it was like stepping into a nature documentary! With Briggs in tow, we boated through mangroves until we got to the natural “lazy river”. Truly, such a special outing that I’ll remember forever! I cover all the details in the Youtube video above.

2. Laguna de Kaan Luum

Laguna de Kaan Luum, tucked away near Tulum, Mexico, is like a hidden oasis surrounded by lush greenery and calm waters. Picture a stunning turquoise lagoon nestled amidst the jungle, offering a peaceful escape for anyone craving a break from the hustle and bustle. You can’t miss taking a dip in its cool, refreshing waters, rumored to have some magical rejuvenating powers thanks to all those minerals. Plus, if you’re into nature, there are some sweet hiking trails weaving through the jungle, perfect for spotting cool plants and critters. With shady spots to chill and picnic, Laguna de Kaan Luum is the ultimate spot to unwind and soak up some good vibes away from the touristy chaos of Tulum. Trust me, it’s a slice of paradise you won’t want to miss on your Mexican adventure!

3. Cenotes

Most cenotes have water that is quite chilly! So if your little ones are like mine, they might not love getting in. However, if this is a bucket list item for you I recommend going to the Carwash cenote and taking turns! Your little one can sit on the platform boardwalks with the other parent while the rest of the gang enjoys the cool water. I just brought plenty of toys for my little one to play with while waiting. You can also choose cenotes that have paddle boards and kayaks to choose from so they don’t even have to get in the water!

4. Biking Tulum

Biking around Tulum with your little one in tow is like embarking on a laid-back adventure through paradise on wheels. Picture this: your baby giggling in the bike seat, the warm sun shining down, and the gentle breeze keeping everyone cool. As you pedal along, you’ll pass by charming cafes, vibrant street art, and maybe even spot a hidden cenote or two – all while your toddler soaks in the sights and sounds of Tulum.

I give you tips about where to bike along with the helmet situation in my youtube video above!

5. Visit Palma Central

This place is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat for families! It’s a small park surrounded by 15 or so food trucks with plenty of tables and seating in the middle. And the best part? It’s got an epic playground in the middle! Honestly, my favorite place to eat out in Tulum when you’ve got littles with you. Be sure to check which nights they are open. Additionally, plan to go at least one night when they are hosting their dance nights! Briggs had such an amazing time dancing on the floor with everyone!

6. Visit The Beaches

Tulum, with its stunning coastline along the Caribbean Sea, offers several family-friendly beaches perfect for a day of fun and relaxation with your little ones. My favorite beach is Playa Paraíso (Paradise Beach.) As the name suggests, Playa Paraíso is a slice of paradise with soft white sands and calm turquoise waters. This beach is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, gentle waves, and spacious shoreline, ideal for kids to play and build sandcastles. There are also several beach clubs and restaurants nearby where families can grab a bite to eat or enjoy refreshing drinks.

7. Ven A La Luz

Checking out the “Ven A La Luz” sculpture in Tulum is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure along the beach. Crafted by the talented artist Daniel Popper, this sculpture is a total showstopper. Picture this: as you stroll along the coastline, you can’t miss it – this giant masterpiece that screams, “Come Into the Light.” It’s a real head-turner, standing tall and proud, with intricate details that make you stop and stare.

It costs about $5 to take a photo with it and I recommend arriving early so you don’t have to wait in the long lines that form throughout the day.

Water situation: We don’t drink the water in Tulum but prefer to purchase bottled water at the grocery stores. More info about this topic in the YouTube video above.

Car seats: We do bring our US car seats to Tulum. If you decide to as well, make sure you understand how vehicle seatbelts are different in Mexico and installing with requires a different method! This mini-module that I created can help!

Where To Stay

On our last trip to Tulum, we stayed at this Vacasa Rental!

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