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Davis County has been called the area’s most popular playground and we would have to agree! Filled with indoor and outdoor amusement parks great for families or date nights it’s no wonder why they have been given this label. Although, what we were most surprised about Davis County was the plethora of outdoor activities (hiking, biking, e-bikes, camping, etc.)! While most people seek trails that are near Salt Lake City and further south they are completely missing out on the trails northward. We also we able to have one of the most unique experiences of our lives right there in Davis County! More on that below. But first, enjoy this short video of our adventure in Davis County.

Hiking & Biking Trails

While we would have loved to hike every single trail there is in Davis County there was not near enough time. We decided to explore Mueller Park area. Mueller Canyon offers incredible trail opportunities for both hikers and bikers! We really enjoyed using the Davis County Trails and Bikeways map that was given to us to pick out what trails we wanted to conquer. You can pick up one of these maps in any city office or bike shop that is located in Davis County. There are positives to hiking in every season but hiking in Fall just may be our favorite…especially when you have a beautiful trail with an awesome hiking buddy!

Davis County Utah Hiking & Biking

Check out these articles below for some other great hiking and biking inspiration! Be warned though, after reading these articles you will be out the door off to find these remarkable trails.

You can check out an extensive list of trails in Davis County here.


We love unplugging from everything and heading to the mountains. Growing up Jess didn’t appreciate the experience very much because…bugs. However, with Steve’s fresh perspective of camping it has turned the experience into a much more enjoyable one! If you are looking to go camping in Davis County you have several options to decide from. Whichever route you take though, it’s going to be a great time.

Davis County Utah Hiking & Biking


Antelope Island E-Bike Tour

The owners of Antelope eBikes are hard core believers that ebikes can and will forever change your lives. They sure made us believers as well! This was our first taste to riding ebikes and we have nothing but extraordinary things to say about it. I mean, who doesn’t like to take an adventurous ride through a beautiful state park filled with animals? We embarked on the sunset tour with Jamie and Tice, who were extremely knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife on the island. We started at the Marina and made our way up to the most beautiful sunset outlook point. Not only did we get incredible 360 degree views, an adventurous ride, and an up close moment with a friendly bison, we gained a lasting family memory that will be cherished forever. When we recommend this tour we really mean it! Whether it’s a day trip with friends, a sunset tour with your loved ones, or a memorable moment with an out of state friend, we guarantee you and those you bring will have a life changing ride. You can book your own tour here!

Antelope Island Ebike

Supplies For Your Adventure

One of the worst things about adventuring is realizing that you don’t have the right gear (everyone has run into one of those situations). Don’t start your adventures in Davis County unprepared! Klymit, an outdoor company, is all about helping you “fall asleep and wake up as comfortable as possible.” Lucky for us they are located in Kaysville, UT. That was our one stop shop to helping us have a great time while visiting Davis County. With sleeping pads, sleeping bags, pillows, backpacks, hammocks, blankets, and even apparel, they’ve got you covered! We loved supporting this brand because their goals align with ours, inspire people to adventure and explore! You won’t remember the times you binged watched Netflix and fell asleep on the couch BUT you will remember the experience of unplugging and going camping. Klymit is your best friend when it comes to sleeping outside. You can find them here.

Klymit Gear

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