Valladolid, Mexico

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This Tiny Town in Mexico Stole My Heart


Ever heard of Valladolid, Mexico? I sure as heck never had until a few months ago. You see, every year growing up my family went down to Mexico for our yearly vacation. We explored all along the coast line in Quintana Roo because having young kids and the beach makes for a great day. Not until this last year did we ever consider leaving the beautiful coastline and traveling inland. We stumbled onto this town on our drive to Chichen Itza and the city stole my heart.

Valladolid is only about a two hour drive outside of Playa del Carmen/Cancun and very easy to get to using the ADO bus system or renting a car (which is what we did). What was supposed to be a quick stop for lunch ended up being much more than that!


First, you have to stop at the Bazar Municipal to get some authentic Mexican food. This is the place where all the locals eat which means you know its gonna be delicioso. Mi Ranchito was recommended which was no surprise as that seemed to be the most popular restaurant in the entire outdoor cafeteria. The food was amazing (get the guacamole!) and it was the best bang for our buck throughout our entire Mexico trip.

Next, hang out in the Plaza e Parque Fransisco Canton. This is the center of the town and a great place to people watch! Colorful buildings line the center with an amazing church that stands at the head. Within the center there are plenty of vendors selling local sweets as well as street tacos. The church that stands at one end of the center is called Catedral de San Servasio. It’s hundreds of years old and amazing to take in at all the different angles.

If you are on a limited time schedule like we were, you will want to make sure you do a quick stop at the Convento de San Bernandino de Siena. You were asked to pay a small donation fee which is worth it. Inside, the convent is PINK! We loved quietly exploring the hallways and different levels. It was somewhat eerie because we were the only ones there. Plan on spending at least an hour here.

Valladolid is one of those places that I miss even though we were only there for a few hours. This beautiful colonial town won me over and I can’t wait to return to this magical city.

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