How to Take Incredible Travel Photos as a Couple

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We’ve all been there when we travel to this incredible place and want to capture the beauty of the area with ourselves and loved ones in the frame but not being able to follow through with that plan for a variety of reasons. I am hoping this guide of taking incredible travel photos as a couple will help give you some tips and tricks. Steve and I use this same method, and it has helped us create beautiful photos that help us remember the trips that we take.

New York City-Weekend Warrior Style

Buy a tripod

Depending on whether you are using a phone or camera to take your photos, you’ll need a good sturdy tripod to support the weight of the device. In the beginning, I didn’t have a tripod so I would try and set up my phone or camera alongside a wall, fence, rock formation, etc. to get the shot. It works but it doesn’t give you the freedom and perfect angle to get the composition that you are looking for. You can buy a tripod off of Amazon where they range anywhere from $20-$200.  If you want to see the gear that we use-check it out here.

Use a timer

Nothing can be more entertaining than watching someone set a 10-second timer and then run into place. And chances are if you’re anything like us, it’ll take a few times to get the perfect shot. So consider this an effective way to get a great photo…and a workout 😉

Ask someone else to take the photo

There are two options here. First, set up the camera and tripod and ask a stranger to merely press the button. Or have them hold your gear and take the photo. Just make sure they seem reliable and honest. When we were in Europe I would look for people that either had a nice camera of their own (knowledge of photography) or had young kids with them (less chance of them being able to outrun us if they stole our gear).

Use a wireless remote or app

Luckily, both of the cameras that I have purchased have come with built-in wifi. It pairs perfectly with the Canon mobile app, and it has been a total game changer on how I take photos! If your camera doesn’t come with wifi or you are using a phone, you can purchase a wireless remote. There are countless options on Amazon. Before buying, ensure that they work with your model.

Click here for a step by step youtube video guide that I created while at Arches National Park. A little warning though…I am so awkward talking in front of a camera!

Get creative and use a drone

We recently purchased a DJI spark, and love the new freedom that it gives us. It has allowed more creative angles and compositions that once were not possible. Pro-tip: Try and hide the drone remote when taking photos to make them look cleaner. You can either turn your back to the camera or set up a timer on your drone, set it down at your feet, and then photoshop it out later.

Don’t worry about what people think

I used to be mortified if people walked by and saw us taking our travel photos and would stop what I was doing until they walked out of sight. Not anymore! I am respectful of those around me, but I worry less if people think I am strange.

Make a plan ahead of time

If you want an incredible travel photo, sometimes you have to put in the work ahead of time. Find out where the perfect skyline shot is, or where the most beautiful beach is found. Google, Pinterest, and Instagram location tags can be your best friend when it comes to this. It’s also a good idea to not always go to the “Insta-famous” locations. Mix it up and be creative! I wrote an entire article about our trip to Washington DC and how we took our family photos which has great tips on creating your own plan! You can find it here.

Upstate Ny waterfalls

Wake up early, stay out late

Not only do you usually encounter fewer crowds, but your photos will also look a million times better with the light during those golden hours. I personally like getting up early because I feel less rushed and pressured to set the scene. I usually get to the location that I want to shoot at, take the photos that I want, and then sit and take in the view/scene.


Some of my favorite travel couple photos that I see are people just being themselves! Try and get candid moments. Strike a pose. Be silly. HAVE FUN.

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