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24 Hours in Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona has been on our radar for awhile and we finally got the chance to visit! Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time there- only about 24 hours. So here are our top tips and places to see if you are like us and don’t have too much time to spend.

Where to Stay:

Page, Arizona is called the Hub of the Grand Circle because of it’s ideal, central location to to parks, monuments, historical sides, and iconic structures of the West. We would have loved to spend several days making day trips to some amazing locations that are near Page but instead we took our limited time and focused on what was right there near the town.

We are always on the hunt for local gems while we are traveling and I believe that we found the best one… the Rose Walk Inn! This Bed and Breakfast is situated right in Page, AZ near gas stations, restaurants, and shopping. It is also conveniently located next to amazing views and hikes (more on that later). We arrived really late (close to midnight) the night of our stay but Jim was there and ready to welcome us when we arrived. Not only did he offer to help us with our bags he took a few moments to welcome us to their place and give us some pointers and tips for our plans the following day. What a great way to start off our trip in Page!

Part Time Tourists, Page Arizona

The next morning we had to wake up really early to catch the sunrise and it was so hard getting out of the comfortable bed! The inviting room, the extremely clean bathroom, and the relaxing atmosphere made us feel right at home. After our morning sunrise hike we came back to have a homemade breakfast with our hosts. When we say these were the best pancakes that we have ever had, we don’t do that lightly. Life changing! If you want the recipe Jim & Verda gave it to us and allowed us to share it with ya’ll (scroll to the bottom of this article).

We would recommend taking at minimum two days and booking your stay at the Rose Walk Inn. It’s a great base camp to enjoy day trips to the surrounding parks and landmarks.

We had less that 24 hours to explore Page so we had to prioritize what we were going to see. Obviously, Horseshoe Bend made our list. While most advised us to visit during sunset (which we are sure is spectacular) we quite enjoyed during sunrise. From the first view of this magnificent site we knew that we had never seen anything like it. There was not too many when we arrived which made it that much better (sometimes the more the merrier is not always accurate).

We’ve been blessed to be able to travel to many countries, see incredible national parks, and hike to incredible lookout points but nothing quite compares to Horseshoe Bend. There is something incredibly peaceful and calming about this place. After snapping a few photos we sat down on our awesome¬†Coal Creek Supply blanket and chilled in silence to take in the view. Honestly, I was brought to tears contemplating how incredible of a world we live in!

Horseshoe Bend

Part Time Tourists, Page Arizona

Coal Creek Supply Blanket


Antelope Canyon

The next spot for this 24 hour guide in Page, Arizona is Antelope Canyon! There is an Upper and a Lower Antelope Canyon but we opted for the lower one and went with Ken’s Tours. We were really concerned about the amount of people that were going to be there- we had heard horror stories about everyone being cramped and pushing each other to get their perfect photo. However, this was not the case when we went. Although we went on a Saturday, October is considered off season so there was quite a few less people than normal. A tour guide was assigned to us when we checked in and included about 15 other people.

It was a short walk to get to the entrance of the canyon before descending several flights of stairs. If you are nervous about heights this may be the scariest part of the tour. We held onto the handrails while descending and everything worked out great. After descending the stairs you’ll get to the canyon floor and begin your short mile walk through this beautiful and windy path.

Along the hike or tour guide pointed out interesting rock formations and even gave us pointers of how to take incredible pictures. (He may have even took a few shots on our own devices for us…) I felt like our guide truly cared that we had an awesome experience. Although the tour is a bit pricey, we totally recommend experiencing it!

Part Time Tourists, Page Arizona

After we explored Antelope Canyon, the time arrived for us to take off. We were so sad that we had to leave because we felt like we had barely begun to scratch the surface of all the amazing spots that Page had to offer!

And there you have it! Our 24-hour guide to Page, Arizona. We loved our time here (although it was short) and look forward to coming back one day!

Part Time Tourists, Page Arizona

As promised here is the recipe¬†to Verda’s Buttermilk Pancakes from the Rose Walk Inn B&B. However, if you make these pancakes you are never going to want to eat regular pancakes again. We warned you.

Save for later!

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