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Chasing Waterfalls in Upstate NY

When we found out that we were going to be based in Upstate NY for the summer I never thought that my summer would be filled with chasing waterfalls. I actually didn’t know too much about waterfalls before moving here, just the fact that they were fun to stare at, swim in, and take beautiful photos of. However, after living here and doing a little research I found out that not all waterfalls are the same, there are actually many different types of classifications. Before I bore you with my excitement of all the differences of waterfalls I’ll just leave this link right here for you to click on to discover for yourself 😉 NY state has more than 2,000 waterfalls in the state, say what?! Never knew that. Which is why I spent every free moment we had over the summer to scout them out! While this is not a guide to all the 2,000 waterfalls…heaven knows that would take a lifetime to compile, this is a guide of how to best chase waterfalls in Upstate NY!


When to search for them– Obviously, spring time is the best time to go chasing waterfalls due to the rainfall. However, Upstate NY rains quite a bit during the summer. For example, we visited the Waverly Glen Park waterfall one day and it was compelled dried up! I was devastated because this was the one that was closet to our house that I was looking forward to swimming in. That night though a huge storm rolled in and it down poured all night long. The next morning drove back to that same waterfall that was bare the day before to witness a beautiful cascade of water tumbling over the dark rocks into the small stream…success! The moral of this story? Rain will inevitably come and keep the waterfalls going through the summer months.

Where to search for them-The most popular ones will be located in State Parks and published on google maps. I would start there. If you are looking for the hidden gems though I recommend checking this website. They have put together a map of all the known waterfalls in the state of NY that includes pictures, videos, and directions. It really was a huge help!

Upstate Ny waterfalls

Check instagram- There are a couple of instagram accounts that are dedicated to the waterfalls on NY, like @waterfallsofupstatenewyork Go ahead and give them a follow to get some inspiration! I would also find local adventurers that are currently exploring the area and follow along with their journey.

Ask! Everyone in Upstate NY is so friendly and will gladly give you tips on finding local waterfalls that may not be online. Just remember to clean up after yourself and avoid private property signs. This waterfall that is shown before was found because we asked a local about waterfalls in the area. This one turned out to be one of our favorite ones!

Havana Glen, Upstate NY Waterfall, Fingerlakes

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