7 Amazing Things To Do In Amish Country Indiana

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Tired of the city life and need to get away for a few days to relax and recharge? Well then do we have the place for you! Tucked into northern Indiana’s beautiful green hills are a few small connecting towns where life is just a little slower. Visiting Amish Country, Indiana is a perfect day trip or weekend getaway from Chicago that sits only two hours away.  Here are 7 amazing things to do in Amish Country, Indiana.

7 Amazing Things To Do In Amish Country, Indiana

Below are the small towns that make up Amish Country in Northern Indiana. Each town in so unique and is worth visiting. Personally, my favorite was Shipshewana, but all had charm. All these towns are connected so it’s realistic to say that you could see most of them in a single day or all of them during a long weekend away.

Amish Towns in Indiana:

  • Elkhart
  • Shipshewana
  • Goshen
  • Middlebury
  • Nappanee
  • Bristol

7 Amazing Things To Do In Amish Country, Indiana-

Rise’ n Roll Bakery The Amish are known for their food and the Rise ‘n Roll bakery is no exception! You can find these delicious spot in Elkhart, Indiana. Go and get the donuts for a morning breakfast and be sure to also pick up some homemade granola bars while you’re there. Trust me, you’ll be addicted after one. Once we got back home I google “amish store near me” and was so sad that there was not one located within a reasonable driving distance. So the last time my husband drove through the area I begged him to make a stop and pick up another container because they were that delicious!

Buggy ride in Shipshewana– For a whopping $7/person you can find yourself in a buggy ride through Shipshewana. The amish buggy ride will take you past all the cute Shipshewana hotels and shops along an old street. We had the best Amish driver that told us all about the town and even told us about the Amish culture which was great to learn more about! There are a couple of companies that give you a tour of Amish Country but we went with the Buggy Line Company and we were glad that we did.

Go shopping in Shipshewana– What I would recommend would be to park at Davis Mercantile and start exploring on foot from there. There are endless blocks with hundreds of antique and homemade items to buy and stuff your suitcases full with. I am a big proponent for supporting local businesses so this was something that I throughly enjoyed.

The Old Bag Factory Operating since 1896, this warehouse used to produce the paper wrappers for the Kisses Candies. Now, it is made up of several different homemade and antique stores that are housed inside the warehouse. Take a break from the sun and slip inside to wander through the stores and smell the delicious scents coming from the chocolate and sweets boutique.

Morning stroll along the Pumpkin Trail The Pumpkin Vine trail winds throughout all of Amish country and goes for miles! Pick a spot to jump on and enjoy. Most people we saw we riding bikes but you are welcome to take a stroll along the path as well. The trail is pretty shaded most of the way through so it makes for a great, cool walk. However, don’t forget the bug spray because there are patches of mosquitoes that can get quite bad.

Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park– What a funky experience! I don’t know how else to describe it. This animal farm was so unique and peculiar that I recommend it to everyone because it can easily become the highlight of your trip. In my opinion, what made is so unique was the diversity of animals that lived on this Amish farm. Seriously, there were some animal breeds that I had never heard of before. The entrance fee includes a buggy ride throughout the fields where hoards of animals will crowd the buggy to get the free food that guests are throwing out. Visit this place! You won’t regret it.

Ice cream in GoshenChief Ice Cream is an ice cream parlor that serves it window-style. A perfect spot to stop on at during a hot day. We didn’t get any pictures here because it was so delicious and we ate it too fast!

This is a perfect day trip or weekend getaway from Chicago where you can slow down for a few days and enjoy the country life. I hope you enjoy these 7 Amazing Things To Do In Amish Country, Indiana!

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