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Wanting to start a travel blog or get into travel photography? Or maybe you just want to take awesome pictures while your family is on vacation! Regardless of your reasons, it’s always a good idea to document your travels with photos. Steve and I can spend a good chunk of time flipping through old photos and reminiscing about what was going on when the picture was taken. We can’t travel back in time, but through photos, we can experience the past again.

My Must Have Photography Gear for Travel #travelphotography #cameraeqiupment

Our Gear

Updated gear (Dec. 2018)

-Canon 6D Mark ii

-Canon L Series Lens 24mm-70mm

-DJI Spark Drone

We love our new gear and it is the perfect travel companion. The lens is great because it has such a large range that we can capture most shots that we want without having to bring multiple lenses around with us on our trips. The camera is not too heavy so it has never posed a problem when we try and check bags. And lastly, we realize the DJI spark is a beginner drone but we absolutely love it for travel! Why? Because it is so small! Doesn’t take up to much space in our bags and very lightweight. For our purposes, the image quality is great and the cost was very reasonable.

We upgraded in Dec. 2018 because we felt like we had adequately learned all the basics and wanted a new challenge. If you want to see the difference in how the photos turned out you can check out our Instagram feed. Anything that is dated before Dec. 2018 was taken with the Canon Rebel and anything after Dec 2018 was taken with the Canon 6D Mark ii. You can check it out to see if you can tell a difference and then go from there.

Boat Box Hot Springs, Stanley, Idaho

The gear that is listed below is what we started off with and it was the perfect beginner camera and lenses!


We love our Canon Rebel T6! It was the perfect camera that was in our price range and we don’t worry about taking it with us on some of our adventures for fear of damaging a $1000+ Camera. It’s lightweight and small enough to pack with us. You can buy it here- Canon Rebel T6


The first lens that we got was the Canon 50mm. This was a great lens to start out with to get our feet wet. The quality is amazing for the price and you can get some nice portraits with this bad boy.

However, after shooting for some time with the 50mm we decided that our style was wider shots to really highlight the place that we were at rather than us ourselves. This is when we got our hands onto the Canon 24mm pancake lens! 😍

We are loving this lens because it is still a prime lens, which means the quality of shots is still excellent yet it gives us that wider frame that we were craving. The best part about? It’s affordable and easy to travel with! It’s extremely light and does not stick far out of the camera at all.

Other essentials

You’ll also want to get spare batteries, a high-capacity SD card, and a camera bag of your choosing! Don’t forget about the tripod as well just in case people aren’t there to take your photos! (Which I hate doing which is why the tripod is my lifesaver).

If you plan on using a tripod and literally don’t want to make it into an extreme sport (running back and forth working with a timer can be exhausting, especially if you are jumping over things or running across wet slippery fields) buy a remote! There are a few options on Amazon. Or you can use the Canon Camera Connect App on your Iphone (this is what we use). This has made all the difference in making photo time a much more enjoyable, and less dangerous, experience!

Editing Products

What programs do I use? Lightroom and Photoshop. 90% of the time I will use Lightroom. It’s really easy to edit mass photos in one sitting so I’m not spending hours and hours on the computer editing. Look into presets because these can really speed up your workflow as well. There are a few cases where Lightroom can’t do the trick and I will jump over to Photoshop.

My Must Have Photography Gear for Travel #travelphotography #cameraequipment


If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to take your own travel photos after you’ve read this article about the gear that we use, you can it here -> How to Take Incredible Travel Photos as a Couple

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    […] Depending on whether you are using a phone or camera to take your photos, you’ll need a good sturdy tripod to support the weight of the device. In the beginning, I didn’t have a tripod so I would just try and set up my phone or camera along a wall, fence, rock formation, etc. to get the shot. It works but it doesn’t give you the freedom and perfect angle to get the composition that you are looking for. You can buy a tripod off of Amazon where they range anywhere from $20-$200.  If you want to see the gear that we use-check it out here. […]

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