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Venice- the BEST piece of advice

Ah, Venice. So many things to see, like the Piazza San Marco, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge, etc. The list goes on and on. When we first got there I pulled out my handy app ( that I had already previously pinpointed those specific sites on to get started! We mapped out the best walking path so that we could fit in most of the sites within a couple of miles of walking….oh boy were we wrong! Venice is confusing! There are unexpected dead ends, roads that end up leading right back to the canal, etc… We walked in circles for a good part of the day Person Facepalming on Apple iOS 11.2

We did finally make it to all the sites we wanted to see…with only a few extra miles added onto our journey hehe. The second day in Venice we decided to follow the best piece of advice that we were given….

Get Lost. Seems counter intuitive since the day before that’s exactly what we tried to avoid doing! But willing to try anything, we decided to do just that. BEST ADVICE EVER. We took turns giving out directions. When we got to a cross-road, we alternated choosing either right or left. We found secret passageways that we could barely squeeze through, when we ran into the canal we would just laugh instead of being frustrated, we took time to sit on bridges overlooking the lagoon. In short, we got lost. This was the most magical day in Venice that we had. We met new friends who worked in small family owned mask shops who told us their stories and the process of making these masks. We people watched…because honestly that’s one of the best things to do while on vacation. We stopped a lot for delicious gelato and cicchetti. 

This is my advice for anyone traveling to Venice. See the sites that you want to see. But I promise the most magical day will be spent getting lost.

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