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Isla Mujeres

Isla MujeresHow to get there to Isla Mujeres. In our humble opinion the easiest and most reliable way to go to Isla Mujeres is by using the Ultramar ferry. Steve and I got a round trip ticket for less than $20. There are options of leaving from various docks but the main ones leave from Puerto Juarez and docks along the hotel zone. You can save a few bucks by leaving from Puerto Juarez but honestly it’s not worth the hassle of catching two different public buses or finding a private shuttle that will take you to Puerto Juarez. Save some time and hassle and spend the extra couple bucks to leave from the hotel zone if you are staying in Cancun. Don’t fall for any scams on the boat ride. During the course of the 20 minute boat road over to Isla Mujeres there will be agents on board trying to sell you golf cart rentals. Do NOT get them from these agents. The golf carts are usually in the worst condition or in fact, not even exist at all once you’re on shore. Wait until you get to the island and see the actual golf cart in front of you before renting one. Pro tip- Drop a pin on your phone from the place that you rented the golf cart from so when the deadline approaches to return in you won’t get lost and have to pay extra.

Swim first and then explore.  Hit the beach on the north side of the island first and then go about renting your golf cart to explore. No use in renting your golf cart and then having it just sit there while you play in the waves. What we loved about Isla Mujeres was the fact that you could get beautiful sandy beaches on one side of the island and then find beautiful, rocky cliff side ledges against the ocean on the other side of the island.Isla Mujeres

4. Have your phone out and ready while you’re cruising along in your golf cart.

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