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Tulum Mexico

Tips on the top four things to do in Tulum!

1. Explore the small city by bike!

If you arrive in Tulum using the ADO bus system, they will drop you off right along the main road of Tulum. Along that road there are many bike dealers you can choose from. We got two bikes, a map, and two locks for $20 for the whole day. Pro-tip- Be sure to check the air pressure of your tires before you ride off. With bikes you can get to the town, beach, Tulum ruins, and even some cenotes! Bike is the best option as the taxis are expensive and there really is not that great of a public bus system within the town. So hop of that turquoise blue cruiser and get to exploring!

2.  Visit the Tulum Ruins

Get there early before all the crowds get there (and before it starts heating up). Get a tour guide or do some research before hand- it will add value to the beautiful ruins. Within the ruins there is a hidden beach! Well, not so much of a secret anymore. But it is secluded and small and provides a gorgeous view of the ocean and the rocky outcrop that supports the ruins. It only costs a couple of bucks to see priceless history so we totally recommend going. A fun scavenger hunt you ask? Find as many iguanas as you can! They are all over the place.

3. Hit up the beaches and clubs along the shore!

The beaches are beautiful and there are many public beach access points along the road. Just lock up your bikes on the trees that line the roads like the locals do! The clubs and restaurants along the shore are pricey so if you are looking for a cheap meal then go into town.

4. The food!

Avoid the beach restaurants and hit the town! We found refuge from the heat in a great restaurant called Charlies. After that we walked across the street and settled into a nice backyard patio style juice shop. PSA- Do NOT leave Tulum without getting the passion fruit ice cream. We decided to share one… BAD idea. Get your own! Heck, get two or three 🙂

Food in Tulum Mexico

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